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Assignment on Leadership PDF

Added on - 07 Oct 2021

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Running head: LEADERSHIP1
Activity 1
As a counsellor, I believe that leadership in organizations are based on visions,
organizational cultures and beliefs. In leadership, client centred position is paramount. For
effective service delivery, intervention of culture with various western modalities is
paramount. However, there are barriers between management and staff of an organization due
to dominant discourses of neoliberalism(Antonakis, & Day, 2017). Transformational
leadership supports professional development of staff due to introduction of competency
development in meeting the demands of quality of work. In organizational leadership, the
success of each project is based on the skills and competency of individual staff.
Activity 2
According to Aaron (2006), transformational leadership requires five critical traits
and components. They include; demonstration of idealized behaviour and attributes,
intellectual stimulation, motivation and individualized consideration. A transformational
leader should also provide a professional relationship between the followers and the leader in
order to achieve the set goals, mission and vision of the organization. As a novice counsellor
and a practitioner of the leadership theory, transformational leadership introduction excited
and created parallels in my practice. The characteristics of transformational leadership
embody a leadership style that is innovative and visionary.
Activity 3
The era, is not only transformational but is digitalized leading to a lot of innovation in
leadership. Incorporation of technologies to engage and connect to members could bring
healthy outcomes in today’s diverse population of an organization(Banks, McCauley,
Gardner, & Guler, 2016). In a shifting and dynamic business world, there is complexity of
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