Leadership and Information Security


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Leadership and Information Security
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The generation, collection and keeping up of information secured is one of the most primary
issues of concern for any organisation. The organisations need to keep the data about their plans,
about their strategies, Artificial Intelligences and the confidential data about the employees as
well. The data adds up to the benefit of the business and are kept secured so that it does not fall
to any wrong hands since leakage of informations are a great loss for any company (Soomro,
Shah & Ahmed, 2016). In today’s area of technological advancement and various means of
access to informations, the risk of cyber crimes has increased rapidly. Yet, for all the expenses
the company have made to keep their systems secure and protect the informations about
customer and employees, the organisations are struggling largely to make the cyber security
more proactive and vibrant.
The security of the informations and the proper usage of it can earn a company
competitive advantage which will lead to profit. If the informations are once leaked out, a
company not only suffers financial loss, but it also has to deal with the insecured employees who
starts getting de motivated that their hardships went into a fiasco. Such is the case of Sullivan
Corporation at present.
The company at present, in order to make their security system more compact and
reliable needs to have a strong leadership in the field. New systems regarding the surveillance
policies need to be undertaken. Generally, people have a tendency of developing negative
perception on the issues of surveillance. In the current situation, the leaders of Sullivan
Corporation have to take Theory Y leadership style initially in order to check the leakage of
informations. The leaders also need to undertake situational leadership strategy where they can
gauge the readiness level of the employees in accepting the surveillance (Odumeru & Ogbonna,
2013).. According to the level of readiness by the employees, the leaders can share the
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