Process of Organizational Learning

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Running Head: LEADERSHIP AND LEARNINGLeadership and learningName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note
LEADERSHIP AND LEARNING1A true leader is one who possess the qualities of knowing, showing and going all the way(Maxwell, 2018). For the purpose of being a good leader one must have a clear vision about thegoals of an organization. Such leader must know the objectives of the organizations. It can besaid that a leader who does not know his goals cannot lead others. Knowing the destination is ofprimary importance for leading any team (Antonakis & Day, 2017). However, due to the changein the market conditions and the change in the policies of the organizations leaders are requiredto have the ability and skill to adapt to the changes and shift their visions. Adjustments andchanges in the visions of leaders do not pose any problems to the leaders as long as the leaderknows the way to achieve the visions. Such changes and adjustments in the visions must notoccur frequently as it might make a good leader feel distracted and lose confidence.A good and efficient leader must go all the way while demonstrating his leadership skills.In most instances leaders just show the way to their subordinates to achieve the visions he has forthe organizations (Shanafelt & Noseworthy, 2017). However, the leaders themselves areunwilling to go all the way and provide a demonstration to the subordinates about how to achievethe goals. A good and efficient leader is one sets an example for others to follow.A true leader always shows the right path to his subordinates to follow. A leader must notshow the way to his team but also keep the members of the close so they not feel lost andconfused about how to reach the goal (Senge, Hamilton & Kania, 2015). A good leader shareshis vision with the rest of the team and motivates them to achieve the vision shared by them. Agood leader as opined by Senge must act like the designer of a ship rather than its captain. Theleader must create a common vision for the team. He must determine and formulate policies,structures and strategies and transform business ideas into decisions to be followed by the team.
LEADERSHIP AND LEARNING2For the purpose of assessing the leadership qualities which include (knowing, showing andgoing) the importance of organizational learning must be discussed.Organizational learning can be defined can be defined as the body of work which takes intoaccount many disciplines of both social and natural sciences (Shafritz, Ott, & Jang, 2015). Thedisciplines of anthropology, sociology and psychology are important contributors to the processof organizational learning. The process of organizational learning is intricately related to manyother major fields such as organizational communication, leading change, individual motivationand accountability, creativity and innovation and management and leadership development (Li,et al., 2014). The phenomenon of organizational learning can be defined by two differentschools of thoughts. They are:Cognitive schoolBehavioral schoolAccording to the cognitive school it can be said that organizational learning takes place throughmental models, schemas and structures that help us understand situation and events and alsoallow us to interpret and respond to our environment (O'Donnell & King, 2014).However the Behavioral school suggests that the process of organizational learning sdone by having a good understanding and gaining insights from experience. Such insights andexperience can be gained through observation, experimentation, analysis and examination of theresults of the actions undertaken by the business leaders (Sessa & London, 2015). It can be saidthat the need for organizational learning has become necessary now more than ever before asbusinesses are tend to move from stable to unstable conditions in the global marketplace.Companies have realized the need to rejuvenate themselves and re formulate their policies for
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