Assignment: Leadership and Management for Service Industries

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“Leadership and Management forService Industries”.P4) Internal and External Factors Influencing Management Styles and Structures in Wa-PilaHotelThe discussion of the internal factors impacting upon the management styles have providedas under:Owners: These can be defined as the people who have their direct interest in the organisationas their money is invested in the organisation. So the changes in the technology will lead tochanges in the rules and regulations of the company and hence, is impacted by the internalfactors.Employees: These are the persons who work in the organisation and get wages or work doneby them. So due to the technological changes, these can impact upon the management stylesof company as there will be some employees who will easily accept the changes in theworking but some employees may prove to be rigid and they will not accept the changes. Dueto this situations, the management style will be impacted as they have to make the employeesto adopt those changes whether through rewards or schemes or making hire of newemployees.External Factors Impacting Upon the Management Styles:The discussion of the external factors impacting upon the management styles of Wa-Pila Hotel has been discussed as under:Globalisation: It impacts upon the management styles of an organisation such as Wa-PilaHotel. It because during the process of globalisation, the organisation comes into contact withthe new environment and culture which impacts upon of the organisation and in accordanceto the situation and the environment, the organisation makes changes in the managementstyles which they have adopted.Technology: In different countries the way of working is different from one another place, sothe working of an organisation and the management style is also impacted by the use oftechnology also. For example, the technology used for room locks in UK and in Japan are notthe same. In order to expand the business from UK to Japan, the business needs to make useof that technology in case it is advance from their technology in order to survive in themarket
So for motivating employees to learn about the new technology, it is important to implementchanges in the management styles of the organisation.Internal Factors Impacting Upon Structure of Wa-Pila Hotel: The discussion of theinternal factors impacting upon the structure of Wa-Pila Hotel has been provided as under:The structure of an organisation is directly connected with the size of the organisation.As the size of the business will grow, then it will directly impact upon the structure ofbusiness in the form of formalisation, standardisation and specialisation of workers in thetasks they are provided with. So this will impact upon the structure of the organisation aswell.With the growth and expansion of the business, it will lead to increase in the size ofthe organisation as the objectives and strategies of the organisation will also take form ofwider extent.External Factors Impacting Upon the Structure of Wa-Pila Hotel: The discussion of theexternal factors impacting upon the structure of an organisation is provided as under:
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