Leadership and Management in Community Services.


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Leadership and Management in Community ServicesAssignment 1 Part BWeighting35%FormatEssay, +/- 2500 wordsDate/Week22 September, 5 pm WSTSubmitSubmit electronically via the Assignment 2 link in the assessment section of the Blackboard unit site.Assignment instructionsThe Impact of Australian Government’s Budget on Human Service Organizations in AustraliaYou need to choose a well-known human service organisation (Not-for-profit organisation only) and research and identify the following:1.Introduction (Characteristics of organization) outlining your discussions, the reason you havechosen this organization.2.Background (its history and reasons for its existence and development).3.Describe the range and scope of its services (who are beneficiaries and eligibility criteria).4.The structure of the organisation and number of staff (qualifications and experiences of staffas well as part-time/full-time/with or without qualifications /gender/ethnicity).5.Recruitment, retention and turnover of staff - range of salaries/wages/issues.6.Volunteers: skilled/unskilled, qualified/not qualified, where/how they use them, costs/conditions and problems.7.Budget of the organization/fundraising and the impact of the Government’s budget on the organization’s budget and its services and activities.8.Evidence of analytical and critical analysis 9.Conclusion.10.References.11.Minimum references 10Marking criteriaA copy of Assessment Marking Criteria is attached at the end of this Unit Plan and in the Assessment section of the Blackboard unit site. Please attach a copy of the marking guide and the assignment cover sheet to your assignment.

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