Leadership and Management Skills Assignment

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Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSISPersonal Self-Assessment PlanName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
PERSONAL SELF-ASSESSMENT PLAN12.1 Carry out an audit of own personal leadership and management skillsAn effective leader is one who owns certain characteristics such as competence. Carryingout an audit plays a significant role in determining one’s current skills and potential andidentifying areas of weakness to make improvements. My self-assessment plan is based on acurrent job role which I undertake as a contact center manager in Drogheda Ireland and alsomanage the USA Hillsboro contact center where my responsibilities involve dealing with theclients. This includes influencing them into liking and having interest in our products,developing a relationship with them and ensuring that their needs are met1. I am also responsiblefor training the staff on the necessary skills for dealing with the clients. My interpersonal skillsinclude the ability to deal with various kinds of people, working individually and also in groupswith dedication. One of my strengths is being patient such that I can accommodate all types ofpersonalities which contributes to my success. Being friendly and approachable enhances myrelationship with the staff members and the clients. However, I still need expansion in areas suchas the sensitivity. The regular meetings I hold with the employees and clients is a goodopportunity to develop my communication skills and expand my knowledge and ideas. However,having to deal with the USA contact center adds more weight to my responsibilities whichaffects both my social life and family. This is because I end up being left with so little time at mydisposal for my personal development which also increases my stress level having to balance theresponsibilities2.1Niven, Paul R., and Ben Lamonte. 2016.Objectives and key results: driving focus, alignment,and engagement with OKRs.2Sisney, Lex. 2012.Organizational physics: the science of growing a business.
PERSONAL SELF-ASSESSMENT PLAN22.2 Set objectives to meet personal development and organizational needsTo provide education to all the staff concerning the set goals of the organization bypreparing a variety of the learning materials which can easily be accessed by them. Thiswill ensure that they do not struggle to understand what they are expected to do and how.To encourage employee ownership by allowing exchanging of ideas such that they feelmotivated to work towards achieving the goals.Provide the relevant information and tools to promote the full utilization of the companyresources for maximum output.Coordinate the cross-border supervisory matters so as to attain the regional andinternational incorporation.Develop the economic growth by partnering with other regional and internationalorganizations to enhance the process of decision-making.Focusing on delivery by ensuring that the employees remain focused throughout the yearto achieve the goals. This is through having the learning materials and the processesready and in place to guide the employees.SPECIFICACHIEVABLEMEASURABLETIMERELATEDREALISTIC
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