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ContentsINTRODUCTIONPurposeThe purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the functions, tasks, and roles ofmanagers. This paper also includes the characteristics of an effective manager and theirdifferent leadership styles. This paper attempts to differentiate leadership and managementwhile discussing the importance of combining these two to achieve better results.Structure
This report contains an introduction about management and leadership. Two organizationswere selected to conduct a small-scale research. Background of the organizations will beincluded in the paper. Followed by a literature review on the functions, tasks, roles of themanagers,characteristicsofaneffectivemanager,anddifferentleadershipstyles.TheMethodology will cover the process of collecting, identifying, and analysing the data. Thefindings will be compared with the literature review. The discussions will be wrapped inconclusion.ManagementAccording to Hell Riegel et al (2005) management refers to the tasks and activities involved indirecting an organisation or one of its units: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Themain function of management is to make profit and create value for its stakeholders andachieving the organization’s goal and objective.LeadershipLeadership is the art of motivating and inspiring people to do their best and achieve a commongoal. House et al (2004) defined leadership as the ability to motivate and influence others toreach the objectives of the organization. Various leadership theories have been introduced thatexplains the process of leadership, how and why certain people become great leaders. Themajor theories of leadership include the Graen’s -Leader-member exchange theory, Thepathgoal model by Robert House and Fiedler’s contingent leadership.Management and LeadershipEven though there are various comparisons and are different from each other, both Managementand leadership needs to be incorporated to make an effective management. This can be attainedby combining both management and leadership concepts.Managers and LeadersExperts agree that managers have subordinates while leaders have follower. Leaders are morepeople oriented and tend to have a charismatic personality influencing others to be their best.Whereas managers are goal oriented and focus on the vision. The five basic functions of amanager include Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading, and controlling. The role of amanager is to delegate, motivate, train, evaluate and enforce policy. However, the role of amanger will depend on the functions, level, and organizational structure. Therefore, managers
are expected to adopt to the environment and be innovative to perform their duties. An effectivemanager will try to master all the functions of a manager while incorporating the leadershipskills. Collaboration, delegation, and the ability to handle pressure, directing and efficiency aresome qualities of an effective manager.BACKGROUNDState Trading OrganizationState Trading organization is the largest state-owned company in Maldives. Its vision is toenrich lives through expansion and accessibility. In 1979 STO undertook all trading andcommercial activity and has expanded its business by introducing different segments includingConstruction, Medical services, Gas, Home appliances and fisheries. Through expansion andthey were able to sustain their growth through the guidance and direction from the management.STO has more than 4000 dedicated staff serving the community and country.DhiraaguDhiraagu is the leading digital and telecommunications service provider in Maldives. Theiroperation started on 1st October 1988 and has become the first and largest telecommunicationoperator within the country. Their vision is to enrich lives through digital services. Its missionis to lead the market through excellence in customer experience. Its key values includecollaborate, innovate, serve, and inspire. With more than half a million customers ranging fromindividual, small to medium, corporate and government institutions. With over 30 years ofexperience, they provide nation wide mobile coverage in all islands, resort island, and majorindustrial islands. They also have the largest distribution and retail network with 49 exclusivepartners.LITURATURE RIVEWFunctions, roles and tasks of the managersThe basic managerial roles are to planning, organising, controlling and coordinating theiremployers for a productive outcome (Leonard & Cardy, 2014). Managers are expected toachieve the goals by performing the following roles.
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