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Leadership and its approachesIt is very important to motivate employees so that a positive workplace culture isdeveloped. Leadership not only helps in motivating people but also shows and guidesway to attain goals in less time. A leader plays significant role in setting a vision. Aleader shows worker how to perform their tasks effectively. Leadership is aboutsetting a clear vision by providing knowledge and information. It also involvesinfluencing behaviour of others by encouraging people. A leader can sometimes actsas manager. Besides this, by guiding right path it helps in improving employeeperformance. With this goals and objectives are accomplished in specified time. Itbuilds morale and boost confidence that enables in improving skills and abilities.With help of leadership employee behaviour can be influenced in positive way. It canalso be useful in developing a positive organisational culture. Situational – It is a style that is applied according to the situation. Here, according tosituation style is applied. The style is frequently changed as per needs of organisation.Basically, follower does not have to adopt leader style but leader has to makeadjustment in it. Autocratic- In this style the leader take control over team. All decisions are taken byhim without taking any suggestion from others. Moreover, choices are made that isbased on leader ideas and judgement. Here, a leader is boss and members have tooption left rather than to accept decision taken. This style is more effective whenchange is to be implemented. Democratic – It is style where leader in highly engaged with members. He or she takesdecision by discussing it with members. Moreover, it ensures that each individualequally participate in decision making. However, leader creates strong relation andvalue each member. Transformational – This type of style allows leader to work closely with to identifychanges. This is done by creating a vision and executing it. Leader focuses onmotivating people by applying various concepts. Furthermore, leader acts as role modelfor others. There are various styles that are applied by leaders according to situationwithin an organisation. The styles have its pros and cons. Besides this, it also dependson leader traits that which style is applicable. Leaders are responsible for managingchange with their skills and abilities. The theories are describe below :- REFERENCESClinton, R., 2018.The making of a leader: Recognizing the lessons and stagesof leadership development. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc..Western, S., 2019.Leadership: A critical text. SAGE Publications Limited.

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