Leadership and management assignment : BREXIT

Added on - 21 Feb 2021

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REFELECTIONThe topic for my research is about the leadership and management. The report turns outto be very interesting as I have selected my favourite sector for the pursuing of the research.Auto mobile sector has been the most of important and interesting topic, so I have taken theleadership and management understanding on the basis on the sector. The company I haveselected for the completion of the repost is all about the general motors which has been identifiedas the leaders in auto mobile sector in a particular era. The company has been the development ofthe designing, manufacturing, marketing along with distributors vehicles. The company has alsoentered the financial services which is one as one of the important information that is added tomy detailed note in my dairy. I have the completed the project along with mu group memberswhich has been the dreadful and enthusiastic job on the same place. Before I have started theproject I barely know about what is the role of leaders and manager in the company. But withcompletion of the project, I settle a quite good understanding and the development of mypersonal skill has become my aim to be successful leaders in the organization. There are manychallenges that is faced buy the auto mobile sector as the company has the well-establishedprocess with the understanding regarding theindividual, sentiments and products extendedthroughout the world, prodding more interaction and consolidation between the world's culture,national authorities and economies. I have also had the experience regarding the experience andimportance of managing the suitability if the business as this has turned to be an important factorto have the competitive advantage over the market. The organization I have chosen for theproject that is general motors have the varsity challenges regarding the technologism changewhich has occur wed to the company on the retrospective basis. I have analysis the BREXIThave the major impact which can also refereed as the sudden changes. The company have thereduction in the sales as the cost of product decrease due to high price of manufacturingresources. Cause of it, the management of the company increase product process and it createsunfavourable impact upon customer base in term of reduction. Due to Brexit, in Europe Presidentplace a border tax which also impacted respective company. This report has also the helped meto have the knowledge that the manager and the leaders have the following roles that they areneed to play in the organisation to be effective ways in the development. There should be theeffective clears vision and business objectives of the company so that employees workingaccording to it, in order to attain in given time period. There should be proper motivation among1
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