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2Reflection writingDifferent leadership qualities are expected at any level. I was once charged in leading ateam to accomplish a task within a short duration at workplace. In this situation, I was given ashort notice that the tasks where critical and would enhance the operation of the company todeliver to our client. Different processing functions were held at a bay because of these tasks andit required quick deliver (Arciszewski, 2016). I was given a team of 10 members who weresupposed to coordinate and ensure that these tasks were accomplished. In the process, I noticedtwo of the members were not free to share their knowledge on the given tasks although they wereconversant with the process and task. Their uncooperative behavior meant that delay may beexperienced in delivery if these tasks. As the main supervisor and leader of the team, I had toorganize a short meeting and ensure that the members understood we were a team, which had asimilar goal. As the leader, I had to bear the blame since the whole team relied on me forguidance on the delivery. Although the two members should have had the blame, I had to takecontrol as a lead party and ensure that they deliver and assist other members. This would ensurethat timely completion of the tasks at hand is done. This was a similar situation which is hadencountered some times back at another workplace. At the place, the coordination of the teamwas difficult since some people were unable to coordinate with others and help them inaccomplishing of the set tasks (Haynes, & Haynes, 2009). This was able to drag the deliveryprocess back. At this, I was aware of the consequence from experience and I was charged to takethe charge and solve the problem to ensure that I will be able to deliver with the team provided.Communication with the team and coordinating on what they are doing are some of the keyactivities, which I have to enhance and ensure they deliver. Although the lack of coordination istheir personal weakness, it can be resolved through proper communication (Richman, 2012). In
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