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Running Head: LeadershipLeadership
Leadership & Smart PrinciplesP a g e|1Leadership: Leadership can be understood as the art of motivating people to achieve the goals.Leaders is often characterized by establishing a clear vision, which then leads to sharing the visionwith others and make them follow it out of their own will, provide information and knowledgerequired to realize the vision and in the end take care of all the conflicts among the team members,coordinate with the stakeholders and balance the entire business process (Antonakis, 2017)In the present context, being a supervisor of High school, I have been facing some challenges, whichare as follows:Reporting late to workLack of eye to detailCommunication barrier (Arabic)I have been in various leadership positions in the past, I have led the administration department andthe science department in my previous job. My strengths include paying attention to details, goodcommunication skill, ability to see through the problems and coming to a logical conclusion beforedeciding anything. Every person has some weaknesses; I believe my weakness lies when I getemotionally carried away with the problems, that at times come in a way while logically arriving atthe conclusion.In order to combat the above challenges, I am going forward with SMART goals:S-SpecificM-MeasurableA-AttainableR-RealisticT-Time basedNote: Hiring of a Language trainerSpecificReach to school before 8 AM, due diligence inthe work and focus on the language trainingbeing imparted
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