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Assignment on the Leadership Styles

Added on - 16 Jun 2021

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Running head: LEADERSHIP STYLELEADERSHIP STYLEName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
LEADERSHIP STYLEIntroduction:Leaders are the individuals who has the responsibility to guide the subordinates in a wayby which they feel motivated and thereby align with the organisational goals. They feel inspiredby the leaders in ways by which they tend to work beyond their capabilities and hence help theorganisations to achieve success easily (Certo, 2018). Leaders are mainly considered as theindividuals who help in laying the directions for the subordinates, helping them to complete theirresponsibilities and thereby help individuals for completion of their tasks (Anderson & Bolt,2015). The following assignment will help to reflect on my leadership skills and leadership style.It will also depict an experience that I had gone through and will help me to reflect on thenegative and positive aspects of it.Personal leadership style:I want to develop a transformational leadership style as researchers are of the opinion thatthis form of leadership is found to be most effective in organisations that help teams ofsubordinates to reach their goals successfully. The most important traits that I believe I have isthe power to stimulate the employees in ways by which I can motivate them to not only workharder but also help them to adapt different innovating and creative ways to conduct differentactivities. Often it has been seen that innovative and creative ideas help to overcome many issuesthat is not being able to be solved by traditional approach (Laschinger & Fida, 2014). Hence, myskill to stimulate people and think beyond the traditional approach would help me to overcomemany challenges that come my way. I also have the power to motivate people by developing aclear vision that the followers are able to articulate. I have the ability to inspire them in ways bywhich they develop a passion towards their work and gets motivated to work beyond their
LEADERSHIP STYLEcapabilities to reach success. Another very important aspect that I base my foundation ofleadership is maintenance of integrity. Integrity was a trait that Jesus Christ has believed to beimportant and had inculcated it in every sphere of his life (Johnson, 2018). He had successfullyattacked the hypocrisy of the religious leaders who did not used to practice what they used topreach. According to biblical references, it was seen that the religious leaders in his time used totie up heavy loads on the shoulder of other people but they were never ready to lift a finger tohelp them or to move the loads. Therefore, following the christen worldview; I believe thatintegrity is most important as it is the concept of consistency of actions, methods, values,principles, expectations as well as actions (Carter et al., 2016). With the help of this trait, Ibelieve that I can commit myself to do the right thing for the right reason that should beregardless of the circumstances. I believe that with the help of this trait I will be incorruptibleand incapable of breaking the trust of those employees who would confide in me. Anotherimportant trait that I have developed from the biblical references is the authenticity. Jesus hasattacked the superficiality of the religious leaders stating that ‘Everything they do is doneforothers to see (Northhouse, 2018).But what matters is who you are when nobody is looking”Therefore, I also want to follow an authentic leadership style where I will emphasize ondeveloping leader’s legitimacy through the development of honest relationships with followerswhere I will value their input and will be built on ethical foundation. I believe myself to be apositive people with truthful self-concepts that would promote openness. However, I would bemainly developing my decisions based on intuition due to a number of facts (Colbert et al., 2016). I believe that if the future is quite different from the past, then long drawn records andevidences may fail to provide the correct solution to a crisis. My leadership decision making willnever focus on the employee who has succeeded once in only one chance but would mainly
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