Leadership Styles and Approach and Contrasting Theories

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LEADERSHIP STYLE AND APPROACH AND CONTRASTING THEORIES1Essay 1Leadershipstyle is determined by the organizational environment and classification interms of organizational need acclaimed from them. There are several kinds of leaders and all ofthose leaders have separate kind of characteristics as well to meet at goal, all through all leadersare established for the developmental enhancement of the company as well as they are assignedfor the timely intervention of duties to employees (Chemers, 2014). These are the importantwork for a leader to understand the situation and work in repose to that situation.SeveralLeadership approachesare followed by the leaders. Those approaches are themotivation and team building initiation that helps to grow the leadership standard and also bringthe newinnovationin the organization to differentiate them alike from others. Approaches toTrait Approach, Situational Approach, and Functional Approach are the important approach forpursuing leadership thus the implementation of this approach is also important as well as relevant(Van Wart, 2014). Trait approach is the most primitive approach that leaders should have incharacteristic. It is an amalgamation of a mental, physical and personal trait that only possessedby the leader, not by the ineffective leaders (Van Wart, 2017). Some of the key features of traitapproach in leadership are adjustment, adaptability, creativity, and enthusiasm all these are animportant and relevant aspect of leadership that showcase the interpretation skill andassertiveness in work to other employees and they would get motivated by the leader. New andinnovative theories implementation and their situational understanding is the key factor ofsituational approach (D’Innocenzo, Mathieu & Kukenberger, 2016). This approach is quiteimportant for the changes scenario in the organization and executes their brain in any situation toovercome the problem. Motivation and commitment are the two subplots that added with thatapproach and strong and weak leadership differentiation has determined by the implement of
LEADERSHIP STYLE AND APPROACH AND CONTRASTING THEORIES2approach. The functional approach is the most impactful approach of all as it does not believe intheories rather it wants the level of involvement of leaders in terms of application, management,and innovation.There are certainLeadership theoriesfor different situations and these theories areimplemented by leaders to mitigate the adverse situation in a constructive way. There are somelead organizations leaders who have maintained a single theory for a good period of time andthey have the responsibility and authority to complete the theory in a suitable way (Jensen et al.2014). Autocratic Leadership is one of the predominant theories of all time. Leaders who believein this theory make a decision and without consulting with their subordinates they try toimplement that in a quick time. This leadership has few supporters as the autocratic nation onlysubdue this theory rest of the nation will not accept it anyway (Klenke, 2016). Examples ofAlbert J DunlaporDonald Trumpare these kinds of leaders who believe in the autocratic theoryof leadership. On the other hand, Democratic Leadership involves all their subordinates andcommunicates with their views and then implements an innovation in the organization. This isthe most appreciable and preferred theory by the leader as well as the employees as they also feelthat they are in the part of the discussion and express their thoughts in terms of evaluating thetheory (Notgrass, 2014).Jacinda Kate LaurellArdern is the 40thPrime Minister of New Zealand and she camefrom the Labour Party. The leader has social democratic and progressive approach. Both theseapproaches are important for the national welfare and support the safety of Labour management.Ardern has the modern and civilized view over same-sex marriage and supports those events byheart and this shows the assimilation of social ethics for the equity in New Zealand (Esselment,Lees-Marshment & Marland, 2014). Ardern has chosen some of the universities for campaigning
LEADERSHIP STYLE AND APPROACH AND CONTRASTING THEORIES3as the innovative approach to engage the modern student and motivate them for the developmentof the country is the only motive for this leader.On the other hand,Donald Trumpis the 45thpresident of United States and a differentform of leadership has overcome in that situation. Most of the decision was taken by the leaderare controversial as the leader has followed by some unconventional business practice(McAdams, 2017). In this leader characteristic, some of the great business decisions are takenand make smarter dealing approach in business as well as the nation. The leader has a good viewof a political, psychological and personal aspect of future so those decisions took by Trump aredefine US future but the way of decision making is a bit controversial for some of the critics.In an organizationemployee, satisfactionunderstating is the most important aspect forthe leader. In case strategic leadership leaders are implementing a particular strategy with thesuggestion of all the senior employees. Most of the leadership normally innovate something andfor that reason, accustom process for the employees have to judge them only (D’Innocenzo,Mathieu & Kukenberger, 2016). Thus in the comparison of both these leaders, Democraticleadership style and applying method of Laurell is important as this leader have qualities liketeam leadership and transformational leadership process and that evaluate a good number ratherthan Trump.
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