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Leadership theory Assignment PDF

Added on - 20 Nov 2021

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Leadership theory
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Question 2
Vision is the creative approach adopted by organization for implementing the operational
planning (Kirkpatrick, 2017). Vision is being considered as the comment towards gaining the
success. It is not only a dream, but also vision is something that makes person judgmental and
analytical towards demonstrating the idea.
In order to create vision technology has been used for creating the wealth. Vision has
been created by tuning the brainwaves into business (Spear, 2017). Therefore, for creating vision
ideas regarding technological creativity as well as global reputation is needed. Edge's vision was
to introduce new environment for fostering the technology in entrepreneurship.
Depending on the increasing values of the company, it can be assumed that the people
who are associated with this company are able to understand vision. In case of Generics, it has
been identified that due to facing failure in gaining new one, the creativity and innovation of the
company have been stifled for loss in stock market.
The vision should be attainable so that the depending on the ability business operations
can be implemented (Pruthi et al., 2015). Vision needs to have proper direction with clarity, so
that it can be achieved in realistic manner. The vision needs to be stable so that it will be able to
change the business direction of the company.
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