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1MANAGING LEADING AND STEWARDSHIPPre-subject reflection In the current business scenario, it is required for the students, who will be the future ofthe corporate to know about the managing, leading and stewardship. This is due to the fact thatfor the contemporary business scenario, effective management and leadership are the keyelements to be there for the business people in order to have growth in their professional career.Thus, being a management student, I also felt the importance of learning of extensive policies ofleadership, management and stewardship. Accordingly, I opted for this subject to gain theknowledge about the above discussed elements. The key expectations that I have with thissubject are to gain an understanding about the effective ways of managing and leading in theorganizations. In addition, the communication skill that is needed for effectively deal with peoplein the organization along with effectively communicating with the organizational stakeholderswill also be learned by me after studying this subject. However, some issues that I have faced in studying the subject is the requirement of goodcommunication skill to interact with my fellow class mates along with the teachers. Moreover, asthis subject is of the requirement of group work among the students, thus, the requirement ofinterpersonal skills is of more important. However, being belonging from a culturally differentarea compared to my class mates as well as the teachers, I felt some challenges in effectivelycommunicating with them. In addition, from the very beginning, I am having lack of effectivecommunication skills. Thus, it is also proving difficult for me to effectively communicate withall the group members along with leading them in case of any group work. It is creating negativeimpression among the team members along with affecting the coordination among them.

2MANAGING LEADING AND STEWARDSHIPHowever, with time, these challenges are gradually started to get resolved with increasein the coordination and cooperation among my team members and with the teachers. Therequirement of group work and market study had also helped me in understanding the aspectsthat are required to be considered in dealing with the customers for the contemporary businessorganizations. It also helped in gaining the understanding about the diversity and difference inthe group work and the process to built consensus among the group members. It is beingexpected by me that this subject will help me in gaining more understanding and knowledgeabout the aspects of leadership, managing and stewardship.Mid-subject reflection The design of our subject module is being done every effectively and keeping in mind ofthe varied mindset of the students. Moreover, as discussed earlier, the presence of the liveprojects and activities helped me in gaining more practical knowledge compared to theclassroom knowledge. Having the practical activities also helped to enhance the interest of thestudents and in reducing the monotony that students suffer from having the continuous classroomteachings (Robles 2012). The most beneficial part for mine in attending these live activities isgaining the effective communication skills that I was lacking. It helped me in effectively dealingwith the customers in the live project along with effectively communicating with my teammembers about the recommended steps perceived by me in enhancing a certain task. For instance, one of the interesting projects we got for our live assignments is about themarket extension strategies of Apple. We the team members are being assigned the roles ofemployees, potential customers and the upper level management. I was given the role of one ofthe employees in the organization. The key motive of the task is to identify various

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