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HRM 80016 Human Resources Management

Added on - 29 Sep 2021

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Leading Through Change Management
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Author note
This essay intends to propose a change management plan of a medium sized
confectionary company with the purpose of betterment and attaining competitive edge in
market. A medium sized Australian confectionary company, The Cookie Hub is a familiar
name amongst the lovers of baked food products like cake, cookies and other sweet dishes.
They are famous for their efficient handmade cookies and cakes. However, recently the
company has realised in order to expand their product range and bring variation they have to
adopt technology as far as sustaining the business is concerned in the competitive market of
Sydney. Not only The Cookie Hub, as perBauman (1998),but also other companies are
agreeing in a same point that implementation of new technology irrespective of industries are
playing a crucial role as far as 21stcentury in terms of dynamic nature of various industries
are concerned. It is beneficial as it increases production and saves both the time and resources
as well.
At first, this report will discuss the desired change the company wants to apply
(Baggott 2005). Further, requirements and impacts of this contemporary approach will be
evaluated. Therefore, this report will discuss the feasibility of change management plan by
highlighting the challenges and recommended actions with the help of various theories
related to the process. As per assumption of The Cookie Hub, the right implementation of the
procedure will bring better results in terms of revenue.
Description of change
As mentioned before, the company has a goodwill of serving handmade, cake,
cookies and chocolates. However, every company has aspiration to grow, expand business
and increase profitability. The Cookie Hub is not an exception, undoubtedly. In order to
achieve the desired outcome, the company has decided to adopt technology to keep a balance
with the customers’ demand and competitive business environment. Realising their
company’s USP, they have decided to make a separate segmentation with their handmade
products. Realising the power of technology in terms of saving time and resources, the
operation manager has recently presented the proposal of technological changes. The
manager has visualized the potential of change management plan in successful transition of
the organisation. However, according to Barney and Griffin (1992), challenges and resistance
are common while choosing as well as implementing the right strategies. Several people fears
the technology as it can be the alternative of the human resources in some areas. This kind of
resistances have started to occur already. Therefore, as argued byGreiner (1972),the tension
will be less by making the employees understand the change through communication and
develop the culture of the workplace in a way, which is more open-minded in terms of
adaptation. Employees are needed to inform in timely manner about the plans and procedure
to make them feel valued and equally important as organizational benefits.
In the case, of The Cookie Hub the company has to recruit several new employees,
and develop technological infrastructure. Apart from a different handmade product segment,
the company is looking for processing and packaging machines keeping the increasing
market demand in mind. Besides, in order to cater the health conscious population of Sydney,
The Cookie Hub has to consider alternative ingredients, which do not contain high calorie.
Therefore, highly improved technological infrastructure must be adopted in order to maintain
the nutritional benefits of products at the same time. The product can be low fat or sugar free
yet many heath related things depend on a healthy packaging material too. Therefore,
packaging needs an improved technology as well.
As far as, both the market trend and demand of consumers are concerned, as described
in Bate (1994), advanced technologies and innovative ingredients for confectionary items are
going to be changed entirely in near future. Therefore, supply chains are needed to revise
their list of deliverables as well. The confectionary business has to cope with the global
population, their healthy diet, limited natural resources and environment friendly food
ingredients. Apart from developing the advanced technological infrastructure, The Cookie
Hub needs to consider the consumers’ outlook of conserving effort, energy and time. In order
to extend the customer base and increase the product availability, the company can launch
their bakery online. There is a growing opportunity for e-commerce websites in terms of
resolving the customer requirements. In the addition, as described inDunphy and Stace
(1990),adoption of new technologies within the stores helps the retails to deliver a smooth
shopping experience to customers. Before seeking opportunities of technological changes, it
must be determined first what improvement and benefit would come.
After analysing the market, it has been observed, therefore, customers’ demand is
increasing and only handmade products are not sufficient to satisfy that increasing demand.
Further, although consumers are preferring to buy from Cookie Hub yet both the frequency
and tendency of buying sweet candies and products which are high in calories are decreasing
due to an increased health consciousness. Additionally, as the busyness has increased among
global population, instead of coming to the stores they are preferring online shopping as well.
Therefore, it can be stated in order to make essential technological changes; in one hand,
several job designations are being dissolved and several new posts can be created as well.
Training and development programs must be initiated to update the employees with the new
procedure and make them efficient in terms of new business operation. Occasionally, the
store receives orders of manufacturing mass gift packets at the time of festivals. With the help
of human resources only, there are chances of missing the requirements or several details.
However, if the workforce take help of innovative technological aids, which will help to
prepare gift packages with the supervision of HR department, then the company can serve
customized orders with better efficiency.
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