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Leadership of Mohammed Bin Rashed: Vision, DSP, and Qualities | Desklib_1

Abstract300Chapter 1: IntroductionDubai is considered one of seven emirates which make up the UAE and the second largest cityafter the Abu Dhabi. It is the most popular city of the UAE. It is located on the Southeast coast ofthe Persian Gulf. It is also considered the capital of the Emirate of Dubai. Abu Dhabi and Dubaiare two important cities that have the power over critical matters of the national importance inthe legislature of the country. In today's scenario, Dubai has become the largest hub of thebusiness and transport. It is only become possible due to the effective leadership and hugeparticipation of the country government which is managed by Sheikh Mohammad. The economyof Dubai mainly based on the revenues from trade. Apart of this, it also earns some part of itseconomy from the Oil exploration concessions. Before 1966, the oil was not discovered in thecountry. It earned its first revenue from oil during 1969. Oil revenue helps the country in theacceleration of a huge income which directly goes in the development of the country. Thereserve facilities of oil in Dubai are limited, and production level is low. Due to this, it onlycontributes to 5% of the total country revenue.This paper mainly discusses the leadership of Sheikh Mohammed which enables the country toattain all these achievements in a short span of the time period after becoming the ruler of Dubaiin 2006. Apart of this, the role of DSP in the development of the nations is also studied. This hasbeen done under the light of certain facts and concepts. Moreover, DSP has been considered thedriver of change in different sectors of the country. The way how DSP has influenced them alsostudied to collect the in-depth knowledge about the country growth and leadership qualities andstyle of the Sheikh Mohammad. The sectors in which the DSP influence measured includeseconomic and social development, security, and justice, safety, land, environment, infrastructure,and government excellence.Generally, it can be said that the Dubai has currently attracted the attention of the world throughlaunching a large range of innovative construction projects and sports events. It becomes iconicdue to its skyscrapers or high-rise buildings like Burj Khalifa. It has been criticized for humanrights violations regarding the city's largely Filipino and South Asian workforce. During the2008-09, the property market of Dubai faced a major deterioration, but the economy of theEmirates has made a return to growth, with a project surplus budget of 2015. Therefore, it can besaid that the country is doing good with proper legislations and control over projects.The recent study is organized as follows: the next section of the paper mainly describes thebackground of study which contains information about the leadership styles, DSP and profile ofSheikh Mohammed. The second, third, and fourth section will reflect the literature review,research design, and findings or outcomes.
Leadership of Mohammed Bin Rashed: Vision, DSP, and Qualities | Desklib_2

Background of StudyThe leadership is mainly as an art of influencing others and guides them effectively to earn theirrespect, cooperation, respect, and obedience towards a common goal. On the other hand,leadership style refers to the way in which a leader gives guidance, and motivation to others. Theleadership style of Mohammad Sheikh will be also different from others. It is because a singleperson has a great quality of influencing the behaviour, and mind set of others. Generally,different range of research scholars defined the leadership styles into different categories. Theseare; democratic, autocratic, bureaucratic, Laissez-Faire, and the charismatic leaders. All of theseleadership styles have their great importance in the life of leaders. The type of leadership whichthey select mainly depends on their skills and requirements. A leader always shares the criticalinformation to help the people in dealing with different problems and take a strategic decision.Adoption of these leadership styles guides the leaders about how they need to proceed further.Moreover, the study is also based on DSP. It stands for Dubai strategic plan. This has beendeveloped by the Sheikh Mohammad in order to put a control over the economy of the country.Dubai has gone over unmeasured growth over the last 2 decades that changes this small pearl-diving town into one of the leading cities of the world. This becomes possible due to the DSPplan 2015, and others. DSP mainly set the ambitious targets for the growth of Dubai in long-term. DSP in the country proves a change driver in different sectors. It offered guidance togovernment entities and other players necessary to the Dubai story. Therefore, it can be said thatDSP has been changed the economy of Dubai completely. This particular topic for the research project has been taken as the result of the reputation ofSheikh Mohammad in the eyes of country citizens and has perceived the great coverage in thecoming decades which is evident through the analysis of literature review. After the completionof the project, it is observed that the research aim is being attained effectively along with thedifferent recommendations which might help the country in maintaining its economicdevelopment.Background of Sheikh MohammedSheikh Mohammed is a prime minister and vice president of the UAE. He becomes the ruler ofthe Dubai during 2006, was born in 1949. He married to Hayabint Al Hussain and Hind BintMaktoum AL Maktoum and had 23 sons and daughters. Sheikh Mohammad studied Islamic andArabic studies before joining the school, and in 1965 he did his graduation from DubaiSecondary School. After finished his graduation, he moved to the UK and studied English at BellEducational Trust's English Language School. During, 1969 he became the head of the DubaiPolice force, and after that, in 1971 he became the minister of defence. Moreover, during 2006,he became the Dubai ruler. He had a good educational and professional career. AimThe research aim mainly guides in completing the whole project with the desired level ofoutcomes. The aim of this research gives a clear understanding of the project working. The aimof working on this study is following:
Leadership of Mohammed Bin Rashed: Vision, DSP, and Qualities | Desklib_3

The first and the foremost aim is to investigate the part of Mohammed Bin RashedAlmaktoum in changing the substance of Dubai.The second aim is to find out the characteristics of Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum.The third aim is to evaluate the Vision of the Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum.The fourth aim is to measure whether the DSP able to achieve the country objective ornot.The fifth aim is to evaluate the future difficulties for DSP 2015.The last and final aim is to evaluate how DSP set an innovative case for different nations.ObjectivesThe below-mentioned are objectives of the research:Evaluate the role of Mohammed Bin Rashed Almaktoum in changing the overalleconomy and development of the Dubai.Evaluate the leadership qualities of Mohammed Bin Rashed Almaktoum that guides himin the achievement of its predetermined vision. Evaluate the Mohammed Bin Rashed Almaktoum vision to take a glimpse about hisdedication and desires. Evaluate the role of DSP in the achievement of the objectives of the country.To measure the unforeseen complexities in near future that might face by DSP 2015.Assess and measure DSP role in setting an innovative case for different nations. Measure and evaluate how DSP proved as a driver of change in different sectors of thecountry.Research Problem Investigate the part of Mohammed Bin Rashed Almaktoum in changing the substance of Dubai,his own qualities, and a careful investigation of DSP 2015 and its effect on the development ofDubai. Research QuestionThe following are the research questions identified in this project:What is the Mohammed Bin Rashed Almaktoum role in changing the economy anddevelopment of the Dubai?What is the leadership qualities/characteristics of Mohammed Bin Rashed Almaktoumthat helps him further in the accomplishment of its vision statement? What is the vision statement of Mohammed Bin Rashed Almaktoum?What is the role of DSP in the achievement of the country objectives?What are the future difficulties that might face by DSP 2015?What is the role of DSP in proving itself as an innovative case for different nations?
Leadership of Mohammed Bin Rashed: Vision, DSP, and Qualities | Desklib_4

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