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LEARNINGCONTRACTSECTION1: STUDENTANDCOURSEDETAILSName:Tutor:Selected pathway:Complete a project on event management and then take up a job in eventManagement Company that runs cultural events, gain some experience and then start my ownevent organization that helps arrange community events for residential as well as corporate.SECTION2: FOCUSAim: The aim of this problem is to organize an event for the residents of Greenwichcommunity in Greenwich Park with the theme of Music, vintage, history, and art & craft.LEARNINGOUTCOMESAfter completing this project, I would be able to:1. Build a portfolio of my event management experience using various methodologies andactivities like employer feedback and log books2. Identify my skills and map them to the evidence drawn from the event management project3. Demonstrate my understanding of event management4. Evaluate the efficacy of my preparation for implementation of the event managementproject5.Gain good understanding of how event management projects work which would help me infuture for placement or businessSECTION3: JUSTIFICATIONEvent management has become a multimillion dollar industry and there are tens of millionsof events that have been executed over the years. There are over 100,000 event managerstoday who operations across different event platforms and it is expected that eventmanagement would generate 109,900 new jobs by the year 2024. The event management forcommunity would help me gain an understanding of how events can be managed. As theproject would involve the theme of music and art which my interest area, I would be able tolearn and show my passion for the field. After passing out from the university, I want to takeup a job in an event management company as it is my passion area and thus, this experienceis going to get me prepare a portfolio and learn the practical aspects of event managementwhich would support me in future when I would be applying for the job. Event managementjob can be taken by any graduate from any discipline provided that the person has some skillsincluding public relations, creativity, marketing, analytics, organizational skills, networkingand management skills. These are practical skills that can be gained only with experience and
thus, this event management project would help me attain these skills so that my job prospectincreases[ CITATION Bes16 \l 16393 ].SECTION4: METHODSI have chosen a path of project, job and then starting my own event organization. Thispathway is most appropriate for me as project would give me foundational experience ofevent management which would help me take a job in event Management Company. Withmy experience in the job, I would gain enough understanding of how event ManagementCompany can be run and would also get contacts that would help me in future when I will setmy own company. I would be using following methods for gaining understanding of eventmanagement while being a part of the project:I would ask questions to my supervisor and the other team members who areexperienced to understand how events workI would participate in all the event activities and would help all the team members atground level to gain a practical understanding of event managementTake notes of all the activities for my understanding which I can use later whenplanning for job or event business of my ownObserve the challenges that occur on an event project and understand how they areresolved.Attend to orientation program to learn about event management and ask queries fromthe trainers to clarify any doubtsSECTION5: TIMETABLEThe event management project would be completed in 3 months with following milestonesfollowed:ActivitiesMilestone DateResearch on event management30/10/2017Identifying resource requirements for event05/11/2017Creating plan for event management15/11/2017Acquiring resources25/11/2017Marketing event to communities05/12/2017Registering performers for the event15/12/2017Get permissions for executing event in garden25/12/2017Make arrangements for event performances and tickets01/01/2018Get volunteers and develop management team05/01/2018Sell tickets to event15/01/2018Conduct event and control its activities25/01/2018GANTTCHARTPage
SECTION6: EVIDENCEOFACCOMPLISHMENTAt the end of this project, I would produce a earning contract and the project report asevidences of learning. These documents would also have supporting evidences such as logbooks, employer feedback, and critical incident diary. An evidence of log book has beenpresented in the format given in the appendix that would be used by the assessor to assess myperformance. Based on this log book, employer would give feedback. A critical incidencediary may be prepared for recording risks and challenges.SECTION7: REFERENCESBest Hospitality Degrees, 2016.WHAT IS THE EMPLOYMENT OUTLOOK FOR CAREERSIN EVENT MANAGEMENT?.[Online]Available at:[Accessed 10 October 2017].Page
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