The Practice of Enterprise Modeling

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Learning Outcomes to be assessed(as specified in the validated moduledescriptor analyse the requirements and design an appropriate solution for a problem ofdefined scope using advanced design/modelling techniques.Marking SchemeMarksAvailableMarksAwardedUse-case models model including written Use Casespecifications.35Class diagram35Class attributes and operations20Assumptions10Total100Grading Criteria:See Appendix B
Performance LevelCriteriaFail(<40%)Has not captured significant requirements in use-casediagrams. Class model severely deficient in both diagram andattribute/operations. Few assumptions that demonstrate alack of understanding of the scenario and real world issues.3rdClass / PASS(40%-49%)Some attempt at use-case refinement. Reasonably soundclass model with some omissions and errors. Some attributesand operations identified. Some assumptions thatdemonstrate a reasonable understanding of the scenario andreal world issues.Lower 2ndClass / PASS(50%-59%)Reasonable attempt at use-case refinement. Generally soundclass model with some omissions and errors. Most attributesand operations identified. Clearly documented assumptionsthat demonstrate a reasonably good understanding of thescenario and real world issues.Upper 2ndClass / MERIT(60%-69%)Good attempt at use-case refinement. Good class model withmost appropriate classes, associations and multiplicities. Agood representative set of attributes and operationsidentified. Clearly documented assumptions that demonstratea good understanding of the scenario and real world issues.1st Class / DISTINCTION(70% +)Very comprehensive and informative use-case diagrams.Very good class diagram with all appropriate classes,associations and multiplicities. A very good representative setof attributes and operations for the classes. Clearlydocumented assumptions that demonstrate a very goodunderstanding of the scenario and real world issues.
Feedback/feed-forward(linked to assessment criteria):Areas where you have done well:Feedback from this assessment to help you to improve future assessments:Other commentsMark:Marker’s Signature:Date:Work on this module has been marked, double marked/moderated inline with USW procedures.Provisional mark only: subject to change and/or confirmation by the AssessmentBoard
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