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Assessment on Applying Security Techniques in Organisation

Added on -2019-09-18

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Learning Outcomes to be Assessed:3. Evaluate a variety of security techniques4. Critically evaluate security policy requirements for a network, including personal policy Please refer to the module guide, for the full syllabus document.Assessment Details: This assessment is developed to assess your capability of applying security techniques in anorganisational environment with respective to its business objectives and related policies. Itassesses your ability to design a network that ensures the necessary security levels forbusiness applications and their users. It also assesses your capability in developing anorganisational security policy and providing recommendations for the improvement of theenvironment. IntroductionHelsinki Airport, the pride of Finland’s air travel industry, was ranked 15th worldwide in 2015.( This has spurred themforward to aim for a place in the top 10, which they hope to achieve in 3 years at the most. Theirmaster plan revolves around a 12-18month intensive upgrading program with a budget of 750million Euros. 50 million Euros have been set aside for IT upgrades across the entire airportcomplex.As the Senior Manager answering directly to the Head of IT, Helsinki Airport Management, youhave been tasked with ensuring that the 50mil spent on IT ensures that HEL (as known in IATAcircles) seals a good place amongst the world top-ten airports within three years.The most visible of these upgrades must be the 20 new massive networked holographicdecorative panels stretching across the arrival and departure halls, free airport Wi-Fi service,flight information displays and public-access smart Internet Terminals. Food-and-beverage,retail, shops and such, will all be required to upgrade their point-of-sale systems to touchscreen-based interfaces.As Senior Manager, you are have full management confidence in your technical andmanagement ability, so proposals and plans are expected to be of a high standard. Topmanagement wishes to see Next-generation value-adding in your all plans and proposals. Youeffectively have carte blanche in your decisions, subject to the budgetary and time constraintsmentioned above. Make the country proud.Note : All relevant material such as charts, floor plans or network diagrams should be presentedas or where required. All assumptions should be stated.1. Analyse the Airport’s position, its needs and requirements, and outline the vision for the next-generation IT upgrade. (total 35 marks):a) As IT head, analyse the Airport’s current (ranking) position and their present situation, as wellas what it takes to raise the bar to match the top-10 world airports. You should consider present

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