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Security Vulnerabilities Assignment | Network Performance

Added on -2019-09-16

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LEARNING OUTCOMESThis assignment is designed to link into the following Learning Outcomes ofthe ModuleCritically analyse a network stack at all OSI layers for security vulnerabilitiesCritically appraise network performance in light of current hacker threats determining best practice for security.Develop simple hacking tools that can either penetrate a network or disable the function of a normal network.Critically appraise the structure for Internet, Intranet and Extranet systems.This is achieved by developing several pieces of software, which will allowyou to gain an understanding of how services integrate over a network andhow protocols provide a communications infrastructure for Botnets.TASKSDesign a set of protocols that will allow a set of machines to carry out aDDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service) Attack.Design and build a suite of software that utilise the protocols to carryout a DDOS attack.Analyse the resultant network traffic highlighting the Botnet structureand the effects of the DDOS payload.Demonstrate the suite of programs on a set of designated clientsagainst a designated target (Linux Lab Machines in Network Lab).1
THE CHALLENGEYou are required to design and build a Botnet which is distributed over threelayers.2Handler to Agent ProtocolController to Handler ProtocolControllerAgentAgentAgentAgentHandlerHandler

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