Security Vulnerabilities Assignment | Network Performance

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LEARNING OUTCOMESThis assignment is designed to link into the following Learning Outcomes ofthe ModuleCritically analyse a network stack at all OSI layers for securityvulnerabilitiesCritically appraise network performance in light of current hackerthreats determining best practice for security.Develop simple hacking tools that can either penetrate a network ordisable the function of a normal network.Critically appraise the structure for Internet, Intranet and Extranetsystems.This is achieved by developing several pieces of software, which will allowyou to gain an understanding of how services integrate over a network andhow protocols provide a communications infrastructure for Botnets.TASKSDesign a set of protocols that will allow a set of machines to carry out aDDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service) Attack.Design and build a suite of software that utilise the protocols to carryout a DDOS attack.Analyse the resultant network traffic highlighting the Botnet structureand the effects of the DDOS payload.Demonstrate the suite of programs on a set of designated clientsagainst a designated target (Linux Lab Machines in Network Lab).1
THE CHALLENGEYou are required to design and build a Botnet which is distributed over threelayers.2Handler toAgent ProtocolController toHandler ProtocolControllerAgentAgentAgentAgentHandlerHandler
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