Understanding Disease Process and Medications

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LEARNING PLANStudent Name: __________________________ Course and Semester: ____________________________ Date: _______________Clinical Site: _____________________________ Practicum instructor/advisor/professor: ___________________________________Learning Goal #1Learning ObjectivesResources/StrategiesSuccess IndicatorsTarget DateImprove my assessmentskillsTo enroll in physicalassessment schedule.To read the nursingjournals and text booksTo attend periodictraining sessions byexpertsTo know feedback frompeers and colleaguesfrom a realistic viewTo participate inappraisal programsconducted by hospitalmanagementCan be done byimplementing the searchof nursing textbooks andjournals for theevidencesAttending trainingprogramsVisuals such as videosand audios can alsoincrease the assessmentskills.The efficacy of work can be measuredby knowing feedback from peers,patients and their family membersWriting examinations for the soft skillsPeriodic assessment of performance bynursing leadersImproving my assessment skills hasensured that I have the knowledge tomake the best care decisions for mypatients. Increasing my understandingabout the relationship betweenassessment findings and diseaseprocess and medications has helpedme communicate with my colleaguesand physicians and recognize changesin my patients that I may not haverecognized without this knowledge.Dec-2016
Learning Goal #2Learning ObjectivesResources/StrategiesSuccess IndicatorsTarget DateIncrease my comfortwith vein punctureTo review the veinpuncture material that Ireceived in myvenipuncture class.To meet with mymanager and set up aday for me to work inthe outpatient lab todraw blood.To ask the expert who ismuch proficient in veinpunctureThe reading materialwould be used to knowthe methods for thelocation of veinThetheoreticalknowledge so gainedfrom the reading ofbooks and journals willbe practices inoutpatients for thecollection of blood andinjection of drugs as perdoctor recommendationPeriodic assessment from the nursingleader for the theory and practicalskillsThe extent of success can also beevaluated by single and instantaneousinsertion of syringeThe feedback from patients forpossible pain perception duringinsertion of needle. If no pain isreported is an indication of successfullearning of skillsThe speed i.e., number of puncturesper unit time. The more will be thenumber, more would be the success.When I was uncomfortable in drawingblood, the client would have to waituntil I found someone who couldeither draw the blood or guide methrough it. Now that I have increasedboth my comfort and competency, Iam able to perform this skillindependently and swiftly. This meanslab results are returned sooner and Ican make care decisions moreefficiently and effectively.Mar-2017
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