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Social Media Communications

Added on - 18 Oct 2019

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Learning problem #1.The tweeting PR personYou areemployed in a State Government environment department as a mediacommunications officer. You know your colleague – employed at the samelevel as you - is highly opinionated against the current government’s policies. Afriend brings to your attention the fact that your colleague has been tweetinghighly critical messages opposing the government’s shark netting policies usingthe anonymous Twitter handle @ecowarrior. You feel conflicted but decide toreport the behaviour to your boss. A few days later you learn that thedepartment is going to dismiss her over her anti-governmenttweets.Learning problem #2.MORETON ISLAND SEX KILLER ARRESTEDBy LOIS LANEPolice have arrested the man who murdered and raped an elderly woman onMoreton Island in Queensland last month.Edith Johnston was found dead in her Moreton Island home four weeks ago.Labourer David Smith is expected to be charged later today.
Detectives visited his Cleveland home on Monday morning and later escortedhim into Roma Street headquarters.During the investigation, Mr Smith had described himself as a friend of MrsJohnston who would do odd jobs for her on his weekend fishing visits to theisland.Mr Smith was also the man who raised the original alarm to police, concernedthe 93-year-old woman was not answering her door when he had knocked.Police found Mrs Johnston naked in her bathroom when they attended tocheck on her.She had lived alone in the single story fibro bungalow since her husband Freddied in 2010.Neighbour and friend Liz Wallis said she was in disbelief that a potentialserious crime had been committed on a usually peaceful island.She said: "This is not Moreton Island, believe me - things like this don’t happenhere. We just can't understand it. We’re devastated."Police questioned Smith for more than three hours last Wednesday afterforensic experts determined the woman had been the victim of a sex murder.A police media spokesperson said Smith had made several admissions to themduring that interview and said he had been drinking heavily for several hoursprior to the attack.
His home computer had been seized and incriminating pornographic imageshad been found on it.Police said his eight-year-old daughter Phoebe was being cared for by hergrandparents.Smith was a prime suspect in a similar attack on a Redland Bay woman, DorisDupain, 78, in 2008. According to investigating detectives, Mrs Dupain survivedthe assault and was willing to testify, however Smith’s ex-girlfriend providedhim with an alibi and crucial DNA evidence was misplaced in the policelaboratory.The police spokesperson said there would be no such error this time round.“We have collected incriminating DNA from both the victim and the suspectand this kind of data doesn’t lie. We expect to formally charge Smith withinhours,” she said.Mrs Johnston was a retired school music teacher who often played piano atcommunity gatherings and on Sundays at the Moreton Uniting Church services.“She was such an endearing person and very talented,” Ms Wallis said. “Shedidn’t deserve to die in such a horrible traumatic way.“I have no doubt this Smith guy did it. He would hang around her place like abad smell and always had a nasty look about him. My guess is that he preyedon lonely widows like this.”
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