Legal and Professional Issues in Nursing- Doc

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Legal and Professional Issues in Nursing- Doc

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Running Head: LEGAL AND PROFESSIONAL ISSUES IN NURSINGLegal and professional issues in nursingName of the StudentName of the University Author Note
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1LEGAL AND PROFESSIONAL ISSUES IN NURSINGAnswer to question 1a)The partners of AHPRA are “Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia” (NMBA) andAustralian Nursing & Midwifery Accreditation Council” (ANMAC). The nursing practiceregistration is governed by Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act (HPRNLA)commenced on 1 July 2010 is the legislation that establishes a national registration andaccreditation scheme. This scheme is for health practioners in more 12 professions and is inforce since 1 July 2015 (Data, 2014). The role of NMBA is to carry out the functions set by theHPRNLA as it is in force in each territory and state. It regulates the nursing practice and it meansthat the nursing and midwifes only if registered under NMBA can work in Australia. It providesframework for regulatory, ethical and legal considerations. Currently, ANMAC establishes highquality standards for nurses, midwifes, and emphasise on their assessment, training education. Itputs great effort to protect the health and safety of the Australian community. ANMAC is alsoresponsible for assessing the skills of the nurses and midwifes for the purpose of migration(Bryce et al., 2017). b) The two requirements that are to be fulfilled for Suzy to fulfil her renewal are (Ralph etal., 2015)- Suzy must meet all the registration standards that are mandated by the NMBA. Suzy must be able to declare that she has met all the requirements as an enrollednurse set out in the registration standards.
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2LEGAL AND PROFESSIONAL ISSUES IN NURSINGThe core registration standards Gray et al., (2014) those are applicable for the alreadyregistered nurses and the applicants for the registration are as follows-The applicant must maintain the recency of practise Nurses must hold the professional indemnity insurancearrangements in relationto the practiceThe applicant must disclose all the charges against criminal historyThe nurses or midwifes must demonstrate their English speaking skills- Suzy cansubmit approved English language test score such as TOEFL, IELTS todemonstrate her English proficiencyNurses must engage the continuous professional development and give anevidence for the same. The two examples that can help Suzy to fulfil some of her criteria are- Suzy can submit any documents related to past criminal history (if any). She canmaintain recency for practice for quick renewal of registration. This can be doneif Suzy proves to be highly competent in caring for jasmine in surgical wards Suzy may try to submit the certificate of additional courses such as diploma,training on learning additional language or skills that will demonstrate her planfor continuous professional development. She must try to excel in other activitiessuch as problem solving tasks that can enhance her nursing practice Answer to question 2a)
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