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Business Law
INTRODUCTIONTo have the fair trade practices in the nation as well as have the alternative legal solutionsto any business obstacles.The present study will determine the informative research overEnglishlegal system and methods to resolve the issues. The report will be beneficial in terms ofsuggesting the various parties to have the proper jurisdiction and solutions to their problems.There will be discussion based on alternative legal solution such as the framework of alternativedispute resolution(ADR) will be evaluated.SECTION 1P1Illustration1: English legal system(Source: Huxley-Binns, Martin and Frost, 2017)Supreme court:This is the main legal authority of UK which handles the all the majorcases and facilitate the jurisdiction to the parties. It not only operated in UK but facilitates thefair judgement to various states such as Wales, Northern Ireland, England and Scotland (Role ofThe Supreme Court,2018). The court sees the case of criminal and civil issues and have variousacts and laws which helps the citizens of such places to have appropriate legal solutions. Thiscourt has various sub divisions such as court of appeal for civil and for criminal divisions.1
Crown Court:These are the legal authorities which handles serious cases of the criminalacts held in the country. It works under the court of appeal and operates the cases which aremigrated from magistrates' court. It normally sees the cases of rape, murder, robbery andfacilitate the judgement based on imprisonment as well as community sentences (Criminalcourts,2017). Therefore, it can be said that with the help of such judgements the crime rate inthe states like, northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England is to be reduced.Court of Appeal:there are major issues were resolved by the judges which are relevantwith the criminal and civil cases. The court operates in presenting the solution to the obstacleswhich are held within the national boundaries. Most of the criminal cases which are relevant withthe frauds, robbery are being operated by them and the fair suggestion has been facilitated bythem (The Court of Appeal,2018). The civil cases which are mostly relevant with the properdisputes, divorce and the family related issues are to be solved by the high court and the countycourts of such states.High Court of justice:This court is helps in resolving the issues of the civil anddomestic obstacles. The cases are to be solved such as chancery, queen's bench division, familydivisions etc. there has been appropriate solutions were facilitated to the citizens which arefacing the issues relevant with family problems (Simunic, Ye and Zhang, 2017).2
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