Legalization of Marijuana in Minnesota - Assignment

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0Running head: LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA IN MINNESOTALegalization of Marijuana in MinnesotaName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA IN MINNESOTAIntroductionThe relatively harmless pleasures of consenting adults has turned into a topic of argumentbetween government officials in Minnesota. Marijuana has been considered harmful bygovernments, from which Minnesota is no exception. There are arguments for and against itslegalization in Minnesota and the situation has been long standing. Many states in the US, likeColorado, Alaska, Oregon, Washington and California have already legalized its use forrecreational purposes. Minnesota must be the next, for a lot of positive reasons. Its legalizationwould help in making Minnesota more sensible, more just and alleviate suffering (Chatterjee,Debanjana et al.).DiscussionIn Minnesota at present, the law has assumed that marijuana is more harmful thanalcohol. However, researches state otherwise. Other than creating societal problems likeaddiction and impairment, marijuana is less risky than other legal alcoholic products. TheCenters for Disease Control (CDC) found that 37,000 people die every year of alcohol abuse,whereas none die due to marijuana use. Research has also shown that marijuana is much lessaddictive than alcohol and the health costs related to alcohol are eight times higher than costsrelated to marijuana. On the basis of this facts, making marijuana illegal and alcohol legal makesno sense at al. Equal treatment of these two vices under the purview of law would helpMinnesota become a more sensible and honest state (Gundersen, Doris).Prohibition of marijuana has made the state of Minnesota unjust. Making the use ofmarijuana a crime and initiation of a multi-billion law enforcement war in its opposition hasbrought upon a huge amount of damage for the people, especially blacks, who are more likely to
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