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Legalization Of Drugs | Study On Drug Abuse

Added on - 22 Sep 2019

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Legalization of DrugsWhether the drug should be legalized or not has their own divided proponents. Someresearchers and scholars are of the view that the prohibition of drugs is giving way toadditional cost for the government to contain or prevent those who engage in drugconsumption. On the other hand, some assert that the prohibition is acceptable as long as it iscontributing towards the prohibition of harm to the individuals who do not consume drug butbecome victim. The drug consumption is a serious concern in today’s society and the studieshave found that despite several rules and regulations related to prohibition, it has not beencontained in effectively. However, there is no deniability that the progress is being made inthis regard. The legalization of drugs should not take place if the government is willing tokeep the society healthy and safe from its negative impacts.The studies have shown that the drug abuse is rampant in the society and the police personnelare not so effective in handling the uses of the drugs. Despite the rules and regulations inplace, the unethical elements in the society orient towards the drug usage under the wrap(Mena & Hobbs, 2010). The prohibition of the drugs in the society is good as it certainlyprevents the individuals from getting damaged from the uneven dosage. Moreover, theenforcement agencies focus on elimination of any form of illegal market that operates underthe hood to facilitate the supply of such drugs. It can be stated with the some clarity that if thedrug had not been prevented by the government, there is the possibility that there could be theincrease in the number of individuals using the drugs due to its cheap availability andfrequent accessibility. Those who do not have access to drug might have easy access if thegovernment had not placed any restriction (Caulkins et al, 2014). There is no denying in thefact that the people are not satisfied with the way United States is handling the drugprohibition, but it is also true that legalization is not the way out. Countries around the world
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