Legislative Branch Role in Health Policy


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American Government
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American Government
Legislative Branch Role in Health Policy
Legislative branch of government works together with both executive and judicial
branches to craft the law. The department of healthcare has since been a crucial area for all
governments internationally. Its main objective is to make sure that all citizens are benefited by
policies and strategies made by the management. United State has always been on the look to
form healthcare reforms that are beneficial to the public. Reforms of healthcare are done based
on internal and external factors, but the senate from every government would amend these
existing policies. For example, government implemented Medicare and Medicaid policy (Givan,
2016).The Obama administration came with its own healthcare reforms and made some changes
in the Medicare and Medicaid. But, when Donald Trump and Republicans took over the United
State government, they decided to repeal and replace Obama care. Republican state officials
changed Obama administration so as to impose new premiums and work necessities on
employees as part of the expansion.
Since the Second World War, the American Government has had a series of debates over
the national health care system reforms. The historical development of the American political
system focused on refining the features of national health care system. And in 1982 majority of
Americans were not satisfied with the system. In 1987 the Americans reported a positive
feedback about the system but in 1993 the majority of citizens showed dissatisfaction the
accessibility and affordability of health care. To add on that in the past the American government
improved the health care policy by increasing the supply of physicians.
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