Lesson 03 Exploring Soc Exercise.. Inductive or Deductive logic:

Added on - 20 Sep 2019

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Lesson 03 Exploring Soc Exercise.1.Inductive or Deductive logic: Which logical explanation would you seek and how does yourresearch design achieve it?2.Qualitative or Quantitative method: Which is most appropriate, why, how does your designachieve this characteristic?3.Research Design Type (survey, secondary analysis, field research, content analysis, experiment):Whichone is most appropriate, why, how does your design achieve thischaracteristic?4.Variables: According to the scenario, what is your dependent variable? What is your independentvariable? What are some other variables you would want to consider?5.Discuss the difference between correlation and causation. How will your study avoid confusingcorrelation with causation?
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