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Running head: LESSON PLANLESSON PLANName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1LESSON PLANLesson AimsMain Aim: To teach thestudents about the use ofsimple past and pastperfect in daily life.Secondary Aim:To teachthe students properpronunciation of thewords.ClassLevelB1Number ofStudents20Length ofLesson50minsMaterialsThe handout of the text. Anaudio file with the recordedtext.StageAimInteractionTimingTeacher ActivityStudent ActivityWarmerTo introduceto thestudents theSimple Pastand PastPerfectTense. Thestudentshould beintroducedwith thetopics of feralchildren andtheirinterestingbackgrounds.T-C groups131.Greet the Students andtell them to sit in groupsof five.Inform the studentsabout the listeningactivity about the Topicof Feral Children.2. Tell the students todiscussamongthemselves and sharewith the instructor anysuch instances theymight have heard.Ask the students if theybelieve that it is possiblein the current society.How they imaginesurviving in such anenvironment will feel.1.The studentsgreet the teacher,sit in groups andlisten to theintroduction.2. The studentsdiscuss amongthemselves thedifferent storiesand share withthe instructor.Pre-teachingActivityTo make thestudentsinterested inthe topicT-C Group73The Teacher shows thephotos of the differentferal children foundaround the world andvideos of their stories.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XSxjnxgdFYGive the importantwords to be concentratedThe students seethe photos andtry to imagine theback-storiesbehind them.The studentsdiscuss amongthemselves the
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