Report on Establishing Sports Carnival in a Multimodal

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Lesson Plan (Primary)Lesson title:Establishing the sports carnival in a multimodal formDate:Year level:TwoTopic:Establishing a multimodal recountDuration of lesson:2 hoursLinks to theAustralianCurriculum:Learning areasStrands & sub-strandsContent descriptorsEnglishLanguage-structure of text and organisation-Expressing and developing ideasLiterature-Literature and contextLiteracy-Interacting with others-Creating textsLesson rationale:What influenced your lesson choice? e.g. student interest, global/local event.Students have taken part in sports carnival and with a common aim to complete after such an event and write a recount for the day. Recounts are well knownto students and they enjoy elaborating the whole thing which they have experienced. The ultimate goal is to move apart from given recount and make use ofMicrosoft photo story to produce multimodal things.Students’ background knowledge:What is your starting point – what do thestudents already know, what have they done before, how does this lesson connect to or buildon their existing knowledge?Students have a basic idea or experience about simple recounts andare familiar with the use of computers/ ipads and various software’swhich they need during the lesson.Teacher focus:What areas will you concentrate on yourself? e.g. classroom management, voice, bodylanguage, student motivation.Proper management of classroom only focuses on its proper managing and dealingwith technical problems. Some of the methods are:Proper management and allocation of experts.Creating protocol for classrooms which are particularly related to ICT.Learning objectives:What will the students learn?At the completion of this lesson students will be able to:Students can have a basic idea about text organizationMaking a proper understanding of the vocabulary about the similartopic.Making use of effective communication skills.Expanding their idea during the time of discussion.Learning environment and resources:Wherewill this lesson take place? e.g. indoors/outdoors. Whatresources will you need to have prepared?Learning environment:Classroom and/or technology lab.Preparation:Capturing of pictures during sports carnival.Preparing proper equipment for it.
Resources:Board graphic organizer.HardwareInteractive whiteboard (IWB)iPadsdigital camerascomputers/laptopsSoftwareMicrosoft Photo StoryAdobe Photoshop Elementsapp for iPad known as keynotePowerPoint (Windows) or Keynote (Mac)Safety considerations:ICT policyKeeping devices away from the place of food and drink.Assessment strategies:How will you identify what the students have learnt and how will you record this?A checklist to record participation and student responses throughout the activity (see appendix).A rubric to assess the completed multimodal recount (see appendix).Peer feedback after presentation of recount (this may extend over a number of days to allow all groups to present).Self-reflection using a pictorial rubric (see appendix).Stage of lessonApprox.timePre-service teacher’s actionsWhat will you do during this time? What prompting questions might you need toprepare? How might you assess and record student learning? How will you caterfor individual differences?Student actions/tasksWhat will the students be doing during this time?Stage1IntroductionHow will you gain thestudents’ attention,engage the interest ofthe students and15–20min.Various students are asked about the things that they canremember about the day.Displaying the proper content on the WB.Making a summation of pair share discussion.Think pair share will help the students in spotting differencebetween their memories about the event and various photosprovided to it .
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