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[Letter head banner space]**bold texts in square brackets to be deleted or edited before printing this letterRE: TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERNIt is my pleasure to certify that [Mr. Example Name] commenced his employment with Capkon Home Loans on [May 15th, 2016] and till now he is working as a full-time permanent Accountantin the company. He worked for the company for a time duration of eight hours for each day every week consisting of five working days. He receives his payment on a monthly basis and the “Pay As You Go” withholding tax is deducted from his monthly payments.Capkon is an Australia based firm that was established in the year 2009 byDr. Kiran Thapafor providing home loan related specialist advises on Home Loans and Property Investments in Australia. The industry experience, strategic thinking, and academic qualifications have made us renowned and distinct from other Australia based home loan and property investment relatedservice providers. Our expertise has allowed us to tailor appropriate solutions for our clients whenever required.During the past eight years, Capkon has received national-level recognition from several boards. In 2016,Capkonwas awarded “VOW Financial Pinnacle Broker of the Year Altitude Awards”andalso got listed into prestigious “Top 100 MPABrokers” of 2017.Duties and Major Responsibilities of [Mr. Example Name] as an accountant in the firm areprovided below:Accounting:Documentation, and processing of home loan and mortgage applications and mortgage applicationsOrder verifications for credit and services from 3rd partyReviewing the legal documents associated with post-closing and monitoring payment receiptsFollowing up for missing documentationsVerifies mortgage loan applications and for completeness along with accuracy verifies supporting applications Preparing and compiling loan closure documents

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