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Running head: LETTER OF ADVICELetter of Advice:To Donald JensenFrom Tax AccountantsDt: 11-01-2018An individual tax payer is required to improve their financial conditions byestablishing the balance in all their income derived and expenditure in order to stabilize theoverall amount of tax that is imposed on a person. In the filing the tax return of DonaldJensen it is noticed that you have incurred loss due to the higher amount of expenditure incomparison to the income reported by you. The total amount of deductions is higher inrepsect of the losses that is suffered by you. It is therefore advice to lower down the losses forthe particular year since the negative figures reflects a lower earnings.The reportable amount of superannuation contribution reported by you stood $10000rather than being $12000 since the sum of $10000 is provided by the employer to you whichwill be reflected in your tax return. The personal amount of contribution that is made by youin respect of the superannuation fund would be considered as the allowable taxabledeductions. The Australian taxation office provides an individual tax payer with the rebaterelating to the health insurance premium. As a result of this you shall be entitled todeductions for the premium that is paid by you in your health protection plan. It is thereforeassumed that the advice provided has helped in serving you with your status of tax.Thank You__________
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