Letter of Advice To Dennis Evans From Tax Accountant

Added on - 28 May 2020

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Running head: LETTER OF ADVICELetter of adviceTo Dennis EvansFrom Tax AccountantsDate 17-1-2018Dear Sir,For the purpose of enhancing their financial conditions an individual has to establish the balanceof all their derived income and expenditure so that the overall amount of tax imposed on the individualcan be stabilized. While the filing of tax returns in relation to Dennis Evans it has been indentified that alarge amount of loss have been incurred by him as the amount of income reported in much lower thanthe expenditure. The overall deduction amount is more than actual losses which you have suffered.Therefore it would by advised to you from us that you should lower down the losses for the given yearas a lower earning is depicted by the negative figures.The amount of superannuation which is reportable has been reported by use as $10000 insteadof $12000 as the amount of $10000 is given by the employer to you and this will be depicted throughyur tax return. The amount of personal contribution which you have made in relation to thesuperannuation funds would be treated as allowable taxable deductions. A individual taxpayer isprovided a rebate by the Australian Taxation office with respect to health insurance premium.Therefore, in relation to this you will be provided with the right of deduction in relation to the premiumwhich you have paid. It is assumed therefore that that this advice would be a great support to you inrelation to your tax status.Thank You
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