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LETTER TO EDITORIAL1Pentagon delays acceptance of transgender recruits and officers. (2017). USA TODAY.Retrieved 1 July 2017, Editor,I am writing this letter to inquire about the the newsby the Pentagon which is, “Pentagon delaysthe acceptance of the transgender recruits and officers” Pentagon delayed the acceptance oftransgender till 2018 in ranks of offices. It is rightly approved by Secretary Mattis that by therecruiting to adjourn achieving transgender candidates into the military till 1January 2018. Thedecision taken by Pentagon is absolutely right as it will give impact to the readiness and fatalityof the forces.As in May, Robert Work, a Deputy Defense Secretary had controlled the services of the army torecommend him to their plan to fit the deadline and correctly recommended him of this concernof not accepting new transgender troops in the army as it will affect the readiness of military tofight in the war. So that is why both Army and Corps of the Marine both agreed to delay in theacceptance of transgender as it will affect all the military.But yes it fair that the transgender who is already in the ranks could continue to work in that asper the policy made by the center of Defense Secretary Ash. But it is correctly said that the newrecruiter of new transgender in the army has caused a problem as the military has a policy not torecruit the transgender. So that why in military sexuality has to lie by the troops as lesbian andgay are prohibited in the Army.
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