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Running head: LETTER TO MEMBER OF PARLIAMENTNeil Van der KirkQueensland, AustraliaCameron DickMember for Woodrige,Minister for health and ambulance servicesUnit 1, 80 Wembley Road, Woodrige QLD 4114PO Box 48, BRISBANE QLD 4001Date: 2 November 2017Dear Mr. DickI am writing this letter to you as a dedicated citizen of your electorate to draw your attentioninto the need for health promotion at Emmanual College, Goldcoast.School is the best setting to promote health as students are the most vulnerable to be prone todiseases and illness. Awareness on the importance of a healthy setting at the college must bespread amongst students. This requires setting up of a camp at the school premises wherestudents along with their guardians, teachers and higher school authorities will be present.The awareness camp is necessary because it has been found that majority of schools do notconsider health as an important part of the school setting. It was revealed in a recent surveythat more than 60% schools think sports and other co-curricular activities are enough toencourage healthy living amongst students.With a view to abolish this granted attitude of schools regarding health, I have come up withan idea to organize awareness camps at various schools starting from Emmanual College. Mysole purpose to start the promotional event at Emmanual College can be defined by thephrase ‘charity begins at home’ and Goldcoast, Queensland is my home. Emmanual College
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