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LG Electronics Execute Change-7S

Added on - 03 Feb 2020

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LG Electronics1
Execute Change -7S.7sWhat is itHow they app[y in LGStrategy intentIt is considered as an objectiveof the change. It is mainly usedwhen manager directs thechange towards a specific endpoint.In this regard, the managementof LG need to focus ondetermination of the purposeand accomplish goals.StyleIt is a leadership style thathelps business to implementchanges and leads business toimpressive level of success.LGelectronics can use top tobottom approach in whichchanges are done because ofcodification in external forces.The organization can also usebottom to top approachbecause it allows managementto bring sustainabledevelopment.ScopeIt is range of change thatimpacts the operationalactivities of the organization.In other aspect, it is an isolateddivision to the entireorganization.It is essential for LG to bringchanges in activities accordingto scope so that goals can beaccomplished in appropriatemanner. It assists inimprovement of brand imageand profit margin ratio.SubstanceIt is a kind of change that canbe introduced withinorganization. It is amodification in context tostructural aspects that arepresent in the firm. It involvesactivities that impactsorganizational structure.In case of LG electronics,changes can be done in bothhard and soft elements. scalecan be understood as the totalamount of resources which hasbeen devoted for carrying outchanges. LG electronics needsto focus on its major resources2
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