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Liberty of Conscience and Individuality

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LIBERTY OF CONSCIENCE AND INDIVIDUALITY1Experiments of LivingExperiments of Living means the various decisions which are taken by an individual in his life.Mill states that people are none other than the outcomes of the surroundings in life. There aremany factors which influence us to take various decisions which includes ethnic customs,religion, television and most significantly our friends, families and mentors, who all are thebiggest factor to shape our future and present. We have to face a lot of different decisions in lifeand also we make certain experimented decisions for which we get curious about their outcomewhich can be considered as experiments of living. This can also be regarded as the effect ofcompilation of influences and experiences with which we grow up and it helps to make certainwell-formed decisions. We might always not know the outcomes of the decisions and whetherthey are right or wrong, which is the reason behind calling them as experiment. Today we areliving in a world where customs are largely directed and routed ("On Liberty Chapter 3Summary and Analysis", 2017). In the present era the culture is always prefixed with the popularwhich consist of dismissal, ironizing, mocking and flouting of custom. Engagement of everyoneas experiments of living involves the liberation from judgementalism instead of embracing everystructure of diversity. According to Mill, each decision is based upon the tossing of a coin forexample an event where a lady refuses the treatment for medication for herself, where someonemight have advised her to check with doctor in case she faces any health trouble. However, dueto her strong religious beliefs which are so deeply embedded in her, they may hinder thejudgment or advice by others. This clears the situation that even though we have all answersregarding handling of a situation, it actually depends on the individual and whether they aremaking the correct decision.
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LIBERTY OF CONSCIENCE AND INDIVIDUALITY2Mill’s Arguments in favor of Experiments of LivingMill argues in the favor of “experiments of living” that the faculties of human which comprise ofmoral preferences, mental activities, discrimination feeling, judgement and perception areimplemented while making a decision a choose something. He states that by simply living, aperson does not take part in experiments of living but engage his mind as well. After engagingthe mind, a person should actively form opinions on his own which may dictate the verdictswhich he made which is considered as better option than blindly complying with the teachings ofculture and religion. Having assessed whether all the people should be permitted to express andhold the beliefs which are unpopular, Mill examines whether everyone should be permitted toopinionate their actions without encountering any social stigma or legal punishment. Mill arguesthat the activities and opinions should be limited if they start causing harm to any other person.Yet, a lot of reasons to respect various opinions are applicable to respect the actions of others aswell. Because of the consideration of humanity as fallible or imperfect, the various experiment ofliving are a treasured aspect. The individuality’s expressions are essential and significant for thesocial and individual progress. Mill’s Argument: For a Man to Be True To His “Nature”, Society Must Indulge inAlternative Ways of LivingMill believe that for a person to be true to his nature, the individuality of impulses and desiresshould not be reinvigorated to itself, instead the society must maintain that there is no need ofrigid nature and also that high energy and vitality is not necessary. Fundamentally, women and
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LIBERTY OF CONSCIENCE AND INDIVIDUALITY3men should act over their own beliefs and desires as they have rigid personality and character.The nature of human is malleable in the beginning, continuously being structured till the persongrows up completely. This is the main reason for why there should be acceptance by societyvarious ways of living, as it aids a person to connect and learn with the inner selves. The societyneed to provide accommodations to each person’s various personalities. In order to become truetowards one’s own nature, the person need to access the opportunity for doing so as theinaccessibility for the same may lead to an unfulfilled feeling. If we understand the inner self, wecan change and truly grow for a better future ("Mill, On Liberty, Chapter 3 | Library ofEconomics and Liberty", 2017). According to Mill, the nature of human is not like a machinewhich is to be built like a model and do the prescribed work, but it is a tree, which needs todevelop and grow itself from all the sides, as per the tendency of the internal forces whichformulate it like a living thing. The nature of human is corrupt that there is no recovery for anyof the individual until the nature of that human is finished or killed inside him. There should bevarious experiments of living because of imperfection of mankind which causes differences ofopinions. Mill argues that vast scope should be allotted to different characters as the individualityneeds to be asserted if there are certain things which are not concerning others. In context of CustomThe customs and traditions of people are evidence of the teachings from their experiences.Evidence related to presumption claims this deference as initially the experience might not be toobroad or there might be a mistake in interpreting it correctly. After that, may be interpretationcomes out to be right, but does not suit them. Customs are developed for circumstances andcharacteristics which are customary. Lastly, although the customs may be suitable to him and are
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