Library managers must be able to do the following.. Add and

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Library managers must be able to do the following.Add and withdraw book titles from the collection.Add and withdraw copies of a book.Suspend a borrower for unpaid fines or for disciplinary offences.View various reports. For example: borrowers with unpaid fines, overall number ofloans, current number of copies for a book title, etc.Library counter staff must be able to do the following.Issue a book on loan.Record return of a book.Reserve a book on behalf of a library user.Cancel a reservation.View various details for a library user. For example: their loan limit, current number ofbooks on loan, current unpaid fines, etc.Amend a library user’s personal details.Student library users must be able to do the following.Search for a book and view various details. For example: number of copies in stock,where they are shelved, how many are currently on loan, whether it can be reserved,etc. This should be publicly available with no need to login or register.Reserve a book. If a copy is currently in stock, it will be held for collection later thesame day. If all copies are currently on loan, the first one to be returned will be heldfor 2 days and an email sent to the person who reserved it.View their current loans and fines.Update their address, phone no, email.Academic library users can do the same things as students. They differ in the number ofbooks that they can borrow, and how long they can keep them. Therefore, the system mustbe able to distinguish between these types of user.These data requirements are considered to be enough to identify the important entities andrelationships for the Entity-Relationship Diagram. Further assumptions will need to be madeabout attributes.
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