(PDF) Life Stage Concepts across History and Cultures

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Development ThroughThe Life Stages
INTRODUCTIONDevelopment through life stages refers to developing aspects in various levels of lifethroughout the life span. It includes several stages like infancy & toddler hood, early & middlechildhood, adolescent, early, middle & late adulthood and old age (Newman and Newman,2017). The present report is based on development throughout the life stages which will includesdiscussion about physical, intellectual, emotional & social development. It will focus onpotential effects of life factors and theories of ageing.TASK 1P1 Describe physical intellectual, emotional and social development for each life stagesLife stagesPhysicaldevelopmentIntellectualdevelopmentEmotionaldevelopmentSocialdevelopmentInfancy(0-3 years)Baby is born withseveral primitive andtemporary reflexesincluding rooting toget nipple or bottleinto mouth to feedand grasping othersfinger tightly.It includes suckingreflex of babies tofeed and recognisesounds due to fastdevelopment ofbrain that leads tomotors actions thatregulate bodymuscles.Development ofemotions consisthappiness oremployment ofsomethingincluding bathingthat enjoyed byinfants and theyalso shows few ofpreferencestowards games orIt consistsdevelopment ofsensorimotorreflex like crieswhen left on theirown, copy actionsand waves.
food.Childhood(4-10 years)Kids started todevelop fine motorskills like writing andsense of balancing toavoid falls whileconducting activities.They have gainedvocabulary tocommunicate withothers and analyseregarding simpleright & wrongaspects.Children becomeabletodevelopmentvarious emotionssuch as nerves,frustration,happiness andnegativity.They gainlearning to sharesocially withsiblings andfriends.Adolescence(11-18years)Men developmentincludes voicebreaks, chestbroadens, possibilityof wet dreams, testesand penis grows.Women developmentconsist breastsdevelop, period startsand hips widen.Abstract thinkingbegins that leads toarguments withauthoritativefigures and beginindependentthinking due toreleaseofhormones (Tannerand Arnett, 2016).The mood willchangingcontinuously andexperience worryor stress that isconnected toexams.Prefr to stayindependently atnight and tryingout alcohol,drugs, sex anddifferent friendcircle.Adulthood(19-65years)Female facepolycystic ovariescondition that releaseeggs whereas maleshave high levels ofhormones likeandrogens in body.A person developsvarious skillsincludingbudgeting, doing ajob and managinghousehold aspectsproperly.An individualbehaves morematurely andbecome capableto share, respondand listen to otherpeople byshowing empathyand emotions.A person takesresponsibilities ofothers that canconsidered as amain part of theirsocialdevelopment.P2 Potential effects of five different life factors on developmentLifestylePhysicalIntellectualEmotionalSocialCase Study
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