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List of projected Supported by Kickstarter and was most successful oneZanPs LimitedOne of the project name ZNAPS created by ZNAPS and sponsored by the Kickstrer,was one of popular and highly used product. The ZNAPAS is a magnetic devicewhich was pacifically designed to improve efficiency and fallibility of mobileinstrument. It was design in and a ways which is completely seamlessly and fit insmart phone and its devices. This instrument is popularly use to charge a mobilephone and to transfer a data from one device to another without having a risk fordamages of data or loss of data. The projected was funded by Kickstarter, and it wasone of the successfully project of supported by Kickstarter.World is a market for such instrument as we can see that major population ofworld country use the smart phone,Secondly the projected was under disputed of scam, hence it is best option toexploit such opportunity. Morning Clock: Alen GerthThis project is successfully and popular among the family who has a young child, thedesign of this project is for the targeted consumer groups, this is a mean reason behindthe success of this project. This project was invented from real life situation hence wecan believe that such types of project always gives an opportunity for continuessurvival and growth. The Good Morning Clock keep the track record of young childand help them in getting ready for school. We know that in our society there numbersof family where this type of problem are found, and if we gives a solution for theirproblem than this will be the biggest business opportunity for us.This image file give the evidence forsuccessful operation of Good morningclock venture. The clock consisting thefeature of Video instruction, Digitalhigh five, Wall clock and othertechnical features.
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