Literary Analysis of the Wardrobe - Assignment

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Running head: LITERARY ANALYSIS OF THE WARDROBELITERARY ANALYSIS OF THE WARDROBEName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1LITERARY ANALYSIS OF THE WARDROBEThe wardrobe is a short story written by the famous German-origin novelist PaulThomas Mann in the year 1899. Paul Thomas Mann has been the recipient of the prestigiousNobel Prize award in Literature in the year 1929. The story Wardrobe depicts the adventuresof the central character, Albrecht van der Qualen in a train. In this short story, the train playsa major role in creating the somber mood of the story. In life, humans often tend to ignore theunimportant and trivial aspects of life. Humans do not have the yearning to uncover thebeautiful and precious joy hidden in the mundane things in life. Similarly, in this short story,the train represents the dulling and inauthentic aspects of daily life (Ewers). Along with beinga means of transportation, the train also draws the attention of the readers to the monotony,dejection and hopelessness in the human life journey. The train has been taken as a symbol ofinterpretation in this essay. In addition to this, an interpretation of the different aspects of thetrain that mirror the dulling aspects of life has been attempted.The train mentioned in the short story, The Wardrobe, is known to be a Europeanexpress train plying from the city of Berlin in Germany to the city of Rome in Italy. The trainwitnesses several passengers travelling in its compartments. All the passengers are unique intheir behaviors, thoughts and appearances. The train is a formidable means of transport thathelps people, in huge numbers, to travel to their destinations in much less time than on foot.The train is a massive structure of transportation as it consists of many compartments.Apparently, it can appear that the train carries so many people in huge magnitude with suchforce and effect; it must symbolize positivity, hope and buoyancy (Fouquet). This might bethe situation in some case, but not in all. The Wardrobe is a brilliant example of such adepressing and wearisome influence of the train.In the train pictured in, The Wardrobe, we find many bright instances where the trainmirrors the several mundane facets of human life. When the train first arrives at a not so wellknown station, it can be seen that the central character of the story, Albrecht van der Qualen,
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