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Literary Response Assignment PDF

Added on - 15 Nov 2021

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Running head: Literary Response
Literary Response
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The Technique of Art
It is pertinent to note that Viktor Shklovsky states that art is not about thinking in images. He
argues that “poets are more concerned about arranging images that are given to them rather than
creating them.” According to Viktor Shklovsky, artistry that is attributed to a piece of art depend
on the perception viewing that work of art.
One tends to disagree with Viktor Shklovsky when he argues that art is not about
thinking in images because art is indeed about thinking in images and without imagery, there
would be no art. Thinking in images is the chief characteristic of poetry because one visualizes
something in one’s mind and only then attempts to write it. (Askin, 2016) Without a vivid
imagination, and a creative bent of mind, it is difficult to write a poem (Askin 2016). One cannot
agree with Viktor Shklovsky’s point of view that poets are more concerned with arranging their
images rather than with creating them. Poets do not arrange images in their mind. They think
about a particular subject and images come to their mind on their own. Images flow in
ceaselessly and are dependent on the imagination of the poet (Askin, 2016). One disagrees with
Viktor Shklovsky that “images are given to poets” and that the ability to remember them is far
more important than the ability to create them, for poets do not memorize images as implied by
the author.
It is noteworthy that Viktor Shklovsky writes that “a change in imagery is not essential to
the development of poetry” and that a work of art, which was meant to be prosaic, is thought to
be poetic and a work that was meant to be poetic is viewed as prosaic. One agrees with Viktor
Shklovsky on this line of thought and also when he writes that the artistry that is attributed to a
given work depends on the way a person perceives it. It depends on the perception and outlook
of that person (Miall, 2015).
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