Literature Assignment - Folk & Fairytale

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Running head: FOLK AND FAIRYTALEHaroun and Sea of StoriesName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1FOLK AND FAIRYTALEIntroductionStorytelling connects people with humanity and creates the links with the past. It providesa glimpse into the future as well. Humans have numerous stories to tell since they first walkedthe earth. Initially, they used to present the stories with several signs and body language. Thesestories are presented to shape the existence of the human beings. Every story has the differentperspectives that leave the humans think of the valuable aspect of life (Albertazzi, 2015). Thestudy presents the underlying theme ofHaroun and Sea of Stories. The theme describestheimportance of storytellingin human lives. The study would describe the significance of thistheme used by Salman Rushdie in this story. The underlying perspectives would be presentedthrough the in-depth analysis of the storytelling concept.DiscussionThe conflict in this novel begins with the appropriate action that revolves around theconcept of importance of storytelling. Rashid Khalifa, the father of the protagonist Haroun, hasshown the love for son and wife who told him the irrelevant existence of stories. They do notsupport the ideas of storytelling as they think that the stories are not real. However, on the otherhand, this perception turned out to be quite difficult for Rashid since he perceived that withoutstorytelling he would not be able to express the justification of his life (Eaglestone & McQuillan,
2FOLK AND FAIRYTALE2013). However, Haroun is quite focused towards giving a meaning to his father’s life. The novelthus describes the adventurous journey of returning to his father’s stories. The novel is thusidentifying the importance of the stories for composing the dignity and identity of a person.Storytelling is sometimes much beneficial for making the humans realize the self-worthand self-respect. Stories teach many lessons to the humans that are beneficial for perceivingthings in a different way. In this novel, Haroun learnt that stories are not the waste of time ratherportray a meaningful consequence, which inspire other living beings (Albertazzi, 2015). Theeffective story shapes up the moral behavior of a person by generating the sense of principles ina different and better manner (Eaglestone & McQuillan, 2013). In this novel, Haroun also makeshis moral choice of participating in an adventurous journey to identify the ability of his father interms of telling stories.As the plot unfolds, it becomes clearer that the story telling can define the dignity of aperson in a particular way. When Rashid was about to lose his hope to define his life journeythrough a story, Haroun gave him the hope of going forward and exploring the truths behind hisstories. It brought the sense of satisfaction and happiness within Rashid as this method was hislast hope of expressing his life journey (Eaglestone & McQuillan, 2013). When his stories weretaken as the waste of time, Rashid lost his sincere ability of presenting his life stories. His worldwent into sadness from complete happiness. He started feeling oppressed and lonely that led him
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