Literature Review on Business Communication

Added on - 21 Feb 2021

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Literature reviewBusiness CommunicationBarriers to effective communicationPsychological barrier:It include various problemssuch as speed disorder, phobia, depression etc. This maycause barriers to effective communication which may causechaos within the organisation. This barrier must be removedby the taking proper feedback for employees.Emotional barrier:The emotional barrier dependsupon the personality of individual and the IQ of the persondetermines the ease as well as comfort in which they cancommunicate. While people with more emotionalpersonality have to low communication skills. This can beovercome by interacting with more and more people withinthe organisation.Identify common challenges of effective barriers toeffective communicationLack of plan:Effective communication requiresthe preplanning and formal strategy before interactingwith the employees (Sutter and Kieser 2019). For themanager of Mr. Fishy it is important to develop ablueprint before speaking to employees.Poor audience engagement:There must beproper use of verbal and nonverbal communication whichhelp in engaging the audience in a well define manner.Mr. Fishy manager must make sure that employees listenthem carefully which lead towards effectivecommunication.Not understanding the employees: It is importantfor management to make sure about the employee’sproblems and try to resolve it. Most of the organisation todon't listen to workers which create ineffectivecommunication between the employees and management.According to the view point of (Nagel 2019). Businesscommunication is the process of sharing informationbetween people within and outside the company.Effective business communication is how employeesand management interact within the organisation to meetthe goals and objectives. Manager of Mr. Fishy must useproper communication so that employee’s grievancescan be reduced. It helps in transmitting information andthoughts between the various department in theorganisation and outside such as customers, investors.Suppliers etc.
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