Literature Review: Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality

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Running head:LITERATURE REVIEW: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND QUALITYSERVICES1Literature Review: Customer Satisfaction and Service QualityStudent’s nameInstitutional affiliation
LITERATURE REVIEW: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND QUALITY SERVICES2Literature Review: Customer Satisfaction and Service QualityIntroductionThe measurement of service quality has proved crucial because it is beyond customersatisfaction. Measuring the subjective elements has attracted the attention of many scholars asthey focus on the service quality. According to the findings of some researchers, it is possibleto rate the delivered services depending on the expectations[ CITATION Tua141 \l 1033 ].Nonetheless, there are importantelements of services need to be analysed and defined. For aservice industry to guarantee an assurance, it has to offer reliable services. Reliability focuseson the ability of an organization or individual to deliver the services to customers as promisedaccurately and consistently. With the analysis of some author Pascal (2016), the serviceproviders or the employees must have the relevant knowledge and politeness thus builds thetrust and confidence required in the industry[ CITATION Pas16 \l 1033 ].This literature reviewuses the following framework to define the relationship between reliability, guarantees andassurance in building customer confidence by reviewing the findings in different studies.2.0 RELIABILITY (RE) AND GUARANTEE (GU) = ASSURANCE (REGU)Reliability is the ability of an organization, business, or individual to deliver qualityservices or product as promised accurately and promptly[ CITATION Pas16 \l 1033 ].In theirreport “To Keep Your Customers, Keep it Simple,”Spennner and Freeman recognized thatmarketers must understand the significances of their customers[ CITATION Spe12 \l 1033 ].Inthe fitness industry, reliability is important in determining customer satisfaction. However, ithas never acted in isolation because it depends on other drivers to achieve the customersatisfaction. In a quantitative survey conducted by Yee, Yeung, and Ma, fitness clubidentified reliability is important in maintaining the club’s competitive edge[ CITATION Yee13 \l 1033 ]. Tothese scholars, service environment, physical environment, and psychologicalenvironment can enhance customer satisfaction. In fact, without this factor, the framework
LITERATURE REVIEW: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND QUALITY SERVICES3would be incomplete. Therefore, this review explains the reliability and how it helps fitnessindustry based on the framework.2.1 Relationship between GUARANTEE and ASSURANCEGuarantee and assurance bear positive relationship in the hospitality industry. Forinstance, the customers expect the hotel to guarantee them quality services that can promoterepeat visits and referrals[ CITATION Gao14 \l 1033 ].This dimension exhibits the exemplarydegree of assurance. For instance, the dimension of service quality shows difference inreviewing the opinion of customers based on the type of hotel they attend. Responsiveness,empathy, tangibility, and reliability influence the pricing strategy of an organization. When ahotel is responsive and empathetic, it assures customers of a healthier and safer environment.Importantly, the tangibility of the services is critical for customers. Although services areintangible, the customer perspectives find the dimension necessary. The low-price guaranteescan also influence assurance dimension[ CITATION Gao14 \l 1033 ]. Therefore, guestsatisfaction has guaranteed guest retention. The employers have to guarantee the welfare ofworkforce to maximize their performance.2.2 Relationship between HOSPITALITY (HO) AND ASSURANCE (REGU)In the service industry, reliability of the service quality shows how the organization isperforming its promised services accurately within the defined quality parameters. It justifiesthe relationship between customers and the organization. Without a doubt, the findings ofGunarathne show reliability as the first hand impression[ CITATION Ume14 \l 1033 ].In fact, inmost cases, customers in a gym or fitness industry would wish to understand or know thereliability of the supply in fulfilling the set requirements. Additionally, the service qualityfocuses on the customer’s final impression relative to the organization. In most cases,customers value fitness clubs with quality services as superior. It is a form of attitude basedon the overall evaluation of the services offered[ CITATION Spe12 \l 1033 ]. It is a function of
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