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Linux Operating System Assignment

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Added on  2019-09-16

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Literature ReviewLinus OS is broadly utilized from embedded systems to servers, mainframes andsupercomputers, from science and education research to commerce, industry and nationaldefense. Papp (2015) conclude that Linus OS is an open and free source of softwarecollaboration: the underlying code of source can be used, distributed and modified, by anyonewho has the license from General Public License. Thus a latest important technology canimplement rapidly on Linux. Vulnerabilities in a Linux system can be of different types as perthe consequences caused by exploiting these vulnerabilities. Davidson (2013) said that the firstand the foremost important vulnerability is Privilege Escalation Vulnerability which works as anact of exploiting a design configuration, bug or flaw system to gain elevated access to somerequired resources which are protected by an application or user. Thus, with high-level privilegescan perform different unauthorized system which other cannot perform such as applicationdeveloper or system administrator. Kleidermacher (2012) defined this concept with an examplewhich is that a PTRACE SETREGS system call in a crafted application, enhance the racecondition in the functionality of the place Linus Kernel before permit the different users to getdifferent types of privileges which will result in unauthorized information disclosure,modification and service disruption. The other type of vulnerability present in the Linux OS is Denial of service vulnerability whichis also known as DoS (Ahmed, 2008). It is considered as the act of exploiting network protocolimplementation flaws and exhausting the different types of attached resources through brutalmeans. The main aim of this Linux system vulnerability is to produce such system or networkthat is not able to offer normal services or access to different important resources. It will mainly
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target a particular system to stop responding, and system services collapse. Chen (2013) said thatLinux OS has an algorithm which is utilized especially for the fragment reassemble and Linuxroute catch index. As an when the Linux system obtains an especially developed packet from anattacker, a clash will occur in the hash table due to which server resources are exhausted in alarger context. A hash address is obtained by using operation of a hash algorithm for differentvalues which have the similar hash address as are stored in a particular hash slot. Parameswaran(2008) said that currently, NVD outlined a high-risk DoS vulnerability in a specific version ofLinux such as CVE—2014-2523 which permits remote attackers to develop a DCCP packet. Themost important vulnerability of the Linux OS system is IP Spoofing vulnerability which is thecreation of internet protocol packets.It is mainly established to conceal the identity of the impersonating computer system and thesender which involves in exploiting of a combination of IP packets. It is mainly considered as anauxiliary method of the different type of attack, which make the defense dependent on specificdisable IP lose efficacy. Yan-Ling (2008) considered that IP/TCP itself causes the IP/TCP stackloopholes in different types of operating systems. It is not as an exceptional but an IP Packet witha combination of different forge source IP address. It can be said that an attacking client paly adifferent role as a trusted host and develop a different type of application collecting with thetarget host. The collection is done on the basis of address validation. After getting anachievement, the attacker establishes a backdoor of a system for different types of unauthorizedoperation. An attacker collected different types of data related to different bogus IP. It iscollected with the help of different types of IP segments which a server delivers. Safford (2013)conclude that different types of host resources can easily exhaust with the help of forged sourceaddress on every new packet. Jimenez (2016) said that apache vulnerabilities influence the
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