Living with Chronic Conditions Assignment

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Running head: LIVING WITH CHRONIC CONDITIONSLIVING WITH CHRONIC CONDITIONSName of the StudentName of the universityAuthor’s note
1LIVING WITH CHRONIC CONDITIONSQUESTIONS AND ANSWERS1.Self efficacy and locus of control in patients suffering from heart diseases can determinethe patient's approach towards health care professionals for routine checkups or it mayalso self motivate the patient to adhere to the medications (Bonsaksen et al., 2012).Stronger perception of internal health lessens stress and depressions due to cardiovasculardiseases.2.Social support may be referred to as physical, emotional and spiritual support that isimportant for psychological ailments such as depression. It is important to have fewcloser relatives or friends, as one might feel lonely at some point of time due to the lackof social support. Feeling of loneliness can make one more vulnerable to depression andanxiety (Falvo, 2013).3.Time has come that the disability care model had stepped beyond hospitals andinstitutions and have proposed to extend the delivery of care to home and community.There are certain financial and systemic reasons behind this. People with learningdisabilities require prolonged treatment, which involves lot of money, if treated in ahospital setting (Grol et al., 2013). Furthermore home based treatment under thesupervision of skilled doctors and family have been found to show better outcomes.4.Social inclusion is important for the betterment of the community. When talking aboutlearning disabilities, societies play an important role in managing people with mentalillness. Community workshops and special classes can be organized to support thendisabled persons. Previously the disabled people were being removed from thecommunity and were institutionalized. People with learning disabilities also get chance toattend equal educations (Deverka et al., 2012).5.There are for pillars of TAC towards the zero campaign (Corben et al., 2010). They are-
2LIVING WITH CHRONIC CONDITIONSSafer roadssafer carssafer peoplesafer speedsSome of the features of safer roads are-Roundabouts, for slowing down vehicles.Flexible barriers, for preventing the cars from wire rope barrier.Tactile surfaces or grooved patterns to provide audible warning that the vehicle is goingoff.Sealed shoulders, for easy gripping of the tyres.6.A) The components of ICIDH are (Halbertsma et al., 2000)-Body functions are the physiological functions of the bodyBody structures are the anatomical parts of the body.Activity is the implementation of a task by a person.B) It has helped to provide a scientific basis for studying and understanding health. It hasfacilitated in the establishment of a common language for defining health7. Among the six elements of the chronic care model, Patient safety in health system is oneof the most important elements. Patient safety is necessary as chronic conditions can often leadto life and death situations. It is necessary to implement useful changes in an organization tomanage the chronic illnesses (Wagner 1998).8. The social factors influencing the novice behavior of the drivers are (Bates et al., 2014)-
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