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Locate errors in grammar, syntax, punctuation, and capitalization in the sample text whichdeliberately has been constructed with errors. Rewrite it by correcting the identified errors.Somewhere, somehow we stumblesupon people, who in theirownspecial way, has perfected theart of spinning the wheel of manipulation to the tuneTWERK IT LIKE MILEY. Theytwerkstoexercise undue influence through mental distorted and emotionalexplotation with the intentiontoturn friends into foes, calm into conflictandheaven into hell.And once they openthe gates of hell,they possess power and control benefits and opportunities to advance theirpersonalambition andpolitical persuasion.Mostof these kindsI encounterpersonally are those whowearspants andbriefs in public places and categorically find satisfaction and joy to wear floral skirts and fuchsiapanties in theirown privatesolitary room. Most of them are veryrespectabilitypublicly but screamlike afaggotprivately. They may go to the gym toflexedtheir musclebutat the outset, they justwanted to see somemuscleflexed before their very eyes. They possess the worst attitude in theworld. They are ready to betray, destroy, and annihilate people that would go against them andexpose their true identity.Butironically, some of them put up a weak, helpless, needyandsometimes “victimized” orunderdog façade to carry out their plans rooted in satisfying their whims and caprice.Obviously,theyblend likeschameleon,disguise likesterrorist, and assure likepoliticians Andsince theydon’t bloom wherethey’re plantedandtheyare not that competent in whattheydo, theysurviveby licking boots of thehigher upswho happens to be constant in need of larger doses of exaltation,adoration and adulationAtsome junctures together they act as back up voices in thehallelujahchorus since pathetically, hearenot gifted withangelicvoice as well. They tell thehigher ups thatYESthere are problems indeed cause by some people they are envious of or people, with theirpresence, make them second best, trying hard copycat. They gossip to create more conflict. They lieto spread more skirmishes. Theycheatsto oppresses more of their kind. Ina sanitary, sophisticatedandstylish manner.These hypocritical harlots get promoted by simply currying favor with the fellow ugly gods andgoddesses, following the latter from behind to demonstrate their phony loyalty. They are surroundedbya lot ofself-esteem issuesandtheir primary happiness is shaped by the number of likes andcommentsintheirfacebook, instagramandtwitterposts.TheapostlePaulcallthem the accuser of the brethren,greekmythology brands them as Eris,goddess of discord, andjesuschristlabels them as wolves in sheep’s clothing.In the event thatyou encounter suchkindoftroll,justacknowledge their hypocritical behavior,keepyourcoolanddon’tallow their actions and intentions to affectyoureveryday undertakings.After all, most of them just bark, butdon’tbite. Just think that they are the proof that the world wasnot painted black and white, but painted with the colors of the rainbow.As long as you do your part to betterlife foryourselfand for people aroundyou, allow everyoneto exist in whatever form or function they intend to. After all, there is somehow unity in diversity.
Errors:GRAMMAR:we stumblesSubject pronoun “WE” and the verb “STUMBLES” isn’t proper.CORRECT TERM TO USE: stumbleencounter personally are those whowears—Wrong usage of termCORRECT TERM TO USE: wearTWERK IT LIKE MILEY—Should not be all capitalizedCORRECT: Add quotation marks “Twerk It Like Miley”They may go to the gym toflexed—Incorrect usage of verbCORRECT TERM TO USE: flexwanted to see somemuscle—May not agree in number in other words of the phraseCORRECT TERM TO USE: musclestheyblend likeschameleon ;disguise likesContains unnecessary verbCORRECT: blend like ; disguise likepoliticiansAnd—Linking verb should not be capitalizedCORRECT: politicians andhearenot giftedSubject pronoun “HE” does not agree with the verb usageCORRECT: Change “ARE” to “IS”withangelic—Noun phrase lackingCORRECT: Add “AN” or “THE” at the middle of with and angelicTheycheats—Subject pronoun and verb does not collideCORRECT: THEY CHEATHallelujah—Proper noun should be addressed a first capital letterCORRECT: HallelujahYES—Word should be addressed to small lettersCORRECT: yeskindoftroll—Does not agree with the other words in the phraseCORRECT: KINDS of TROLLSchameleon—Lacking articleCORRECT: Add “A” before chameleonboots—Lacking linking verb to useCORRECT: the bootsCONCISENESS:own—Makes the phrase wordyCORRECT: remove (own) from the sentencewith the intentiontoMakes the phrase wordy/vagueCORRECT: remove (with the intention) and leave only “TO” in the sentenceadvance theirpersonalambitionMakes the phrase wordyCORRECT: remove (personal) and leave “ADVANCE THEIR AMBITION” in thesentenceObviously, theyAppears wordy
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