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Logical Model Assignment PDF

Added on - 21 Apr 2021

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Running head: LOGICAL MODEL ASSIGNMENTLogical Model AssignmentName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s note
1LOGICAL MODEL ASSIGNMENTIntroduction and goalsThe logic model is used for the demonstration of the specific program for the evaluationof the policy and the participants and involved for the evaluation of the questions and indicationof the success. The identification of the eligibility of the student for the identification of theneeds regarding the household in United States are identified in the logical model. The logicmodel is created with the inclusion of the resources or the inputs. The output includes theactivities and the participation. The impact of the outcome are also evaluated based on the impactand it is categorized as short, medium and low.Logic ModelProgram:The perception of international Students needs regarding the household inUnited States: Logic ModelSituation:Resources/InputsOutputsOutcomes -- ImpactActivitiesParticipationShortMediumLong
2LOGICAL MODEL ASSIGNMENTUniversities’housing (dorm)StatesStudentsRegionHouseholdImprovement of theskills of thestudentsStrongsupport ofthe state andthe federalpolicyEmphasizing the valuesof theeducationandacademicskillsExtendingtheprofessionals at thegrant oflandinstitutionIncreasedknowledge on thehouseholdmarketIncreaseinknowledge of thefeasibilityandeconomyof thelogisticsActiveparticipationof thestudents andhouseholdsuppliersParticipation of thestudents andthe ownersof differentorganizationforoutreachingtheactivitiesUnderstanding the risk ofmarket andthe change intherequirementof the marketand findingits possibleimpact.Improvedproductivityof theorganizationto align thehouse holdneeds ofunited states.
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